Down for the Count!

I realised that while I mentioned what my plan was for wednesday night, I never actually came back to that(or post) yesterday.  So… boxing. 

The petite, chipper asian woman who taught the class lulled me into a false sense of security with her smiling and friendly attitude.  We punched and used weights and punched and used weights… and then we did that a bit more.  We did an assortment of strange leg exercises and I spent the entire class partly out-of-breath.  I was a bit confused about what she actually meant, when, partway through the class, she announced that ‘Now we’ll try to get our heartrates up!’… if my heartrate had gone up anymore, it would have exploded from my chest.

As we were leaving the classroom, our cheerful instructor pointed at my sister and I (I dragged her to this class with me) and said, ominously, “You’re going to hurt tomorrow!”… but in an upbeat and chipper kind of way.

Yesterday morning I woke up expecting the worst.  Huh… nothing.  Ok, that’s good!  I felt that ‘nothing’ right up until about 10 am, which was also right about halfway through a two hour meeting to listen to presentations.  From that point on, I fidgeted, I twisted, I held in my moans of pain to the best of my ability.  My legs, my shoulders, my everythings… they were all on fire, and no-one could see it!  I could hardly kneel to pet my dog that afternoon without pain throbbing and pulsing through my legs. 

What I’m trying to say is : Boxing class beat me up!! It was mean to me… the punching bag punched back, and my legs feel like I ran a marathon.

Last night’s exercise?  not much, though my muscles were screaming otherwise – I went on a three hour long walk and then made sangria and appetizers for my friend’s housewarming party tomorrow night.

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  1. Oooh I LOVE Sangria! I also love kick-boxing, that is a great exercise and helps relieve frustration. 🙂 Keep it up honey, you’re doing great!

    • I did cardio kickboxing for a few years, but haven’t in a few years… i think that might be something I’ll have to get back into (albeit far more expensively… stupid city prices!) in the fall. For the summer, i want to focus on outdoorsy activities, though.
      I tried the white sangria recipe at A Full Measure of Happiness (, and it looks extremely tasty, even without the final touch of adding soda water.

      • Cardio kickboxing is one of my favorites too!

        And who doesn’t love sangria?

        • The sangria turned out so tasty, too! Although the ‘white’ sangria was more ‘pink’ because i’d let the berries soak in it so long that all the colour leached into the liquid. It looked like pink lemonade, but still tasted delicious.

  2. Making sangria and appetizers sounds like the only exercise you needed! I’d have skipped the walk:)

    • The dog would have been very unimpressed with not getting a walk, though! He wouldn’t have been nearly so calm chilling at my feet while I uncorked bottle after bottle (well… three… but that still counts asweight training, right? 🙂 ) of wine, and chopped fruit!

  3. Look out for the second day after…that is ALWAYS the worst! It sounds like fun to me but then again I love beating my body into submission 🙂

    • I agree… I always pat myself on the back the day after, thinking, “wow, i’m so much more in shape than would make sense considering how hard I found that class! yay me!”, and then two days after the class, i wake up feeling like someone snuck into my room and beat me black and blue in the night 😛 But it’s all in fun!

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