Not gonna lie, this prompt response is 412 words.  But, people, it’s nanowrimo, and every extra word counts.  I’ve got no time, no words, no ideas, and definitely not enough freaking words.  See for yourself – if you want to be my friend on Nano, find me under ‘lexy0387’ in the Toronto nanosphere.  I know, it’s sad.  Every word is being dragged out of me with the sam amount of effort and pain as an adult tooth.  And, when my dentist pulled a front tooth painfully and without enough freezing, from my mouth, he was horrified.  “Oh… yeah, that would have still hurt – wow, you’ve got long roots!”.  Thanks, doc (dent?), thanks a whole lot.  If I ever need another tooth removed, I’ll remind you to seriously seriously pay attention when I ask for that fourth shot of freezing, because apparently my roots are about this close to coming out the bottom side of my jaw.  Like an alien from Doctor Who.

I had this brilliant idea… it was all planned out in my head.  There were scenes in which my MC, much as I like her, would not be happy.  She would, in fact, experience the full range of human emotions, and encounter difficulties, people she liked, disliked, loved, hated.  It was all there, and I kept holding back writing anything of it, because, you know… not november.  And now, where is it?  I’ve got nothing.  it’s sad.  This weekend might just see me begging family members to take the dog on various lengths of walk, so that I can sit at the computer without him yipping his loneliness at me, and actually… write.

I’m starting to feel like Hook.  Can anyone else hear that dreadful tic-tic-ticking?

For now, though, shockingly, the cringe-worthy first scene in what I’ve written so far actually quite suits the Red Writing Hood prompt over at Write on Edge.

This week, use rain as the inspiration for your fiction or creative non-fiction piece. The word limit is 400, so please come back this Friday and show us what you’ve written.

Write On Edge: Red-Writing-Hood
Follow the links to check out what others have written.  If you’re doing Nano, good luck, and I hope you’re doing better than I am.  If you aren’t… well… then you just won’t understand why my posting is going to continue being so severely limited for the remainder of the month.

Interesting artwork from talented artist?  Hah, no.  How about more hours in the day?  But here’s a picture of my puppy.  Note that he’s not sleeping.  No… that would be ridiculous.  He’s watching me type my nanovel… keeping an eye on me to ensure I don’t do anything silly like try to leave the room without his noticing.

Lily stared grimly ahead, struggling to keep calm.

Of course they’d be here.  They paid for it.

She shivered as the steady drizzle of rain seeped ice into her bones, stabbing through her heart as her brother’s coffin was lowered into the ground.  She wondered if any of the strangers who had shown up for his funeral actually cared that he was dead.  That woman, his boss, certainly showed no signs of sadness.  Lily glared at the couture-bedecked woman seated across the grave, some minion holding an umbrella over her head.  Perfectly made-up hazel eyes lifted to meet red-rimmed and swollen.  Lily refused to look away, refused to be apologetic for being caught glaring.

The woman’s lips twitched near a smile, and she nodded acknowledgement to Lily before turning to speak to the man seated beside her.  He nodded and rose.

A few moments later, the rain transferred its sodden fury to an umbrella.  Lily tensed, trying to focus her whole attention on the priest’s words, trying to ignore the presence at her back.

Her nephew had other ideas, twisting around to smile toothily.  “Hey, Remy,” he stage whispered, his childish enthusiasm giving it greater volume.

“Hey kiddo,” Remy crouched down slightly, still holding the umbrella high enough to protect all three of them.  More than a hint of a smile played across her brother’s ex-employer’s face this time.

Lily hated the easy way Matthew let go of her hand to grab hold of Remy.

He’s been Jake’s best friend for years.  Of course Matty likes him.  He’s a familiar face.  She tried to focus on the fact that, without Jake around, she wouldn’t have to deal with these people much longer.  Just get through today.

She flinched away when Remy leaned in, his warm breath against her neck.  “I’m going to take Matty for a walk.  He doesn’t need to hear all this crap.”  Faintly, Lily saw the sharp jerk of Remy’s head towards the priest.

Lily hadn’t even been paying much attention to the man, but Remy was right.  Ramblings about how God felt it was her brother’s time to go, that God was taking him into his arms, blah, blah, blah, how trite.  How completely meaningless to a boy who just lost his father.  She nodded her consent.

Remy tried to hand her the umbrella, but she shook her head, no.  She had cried enough over the past few days – the rain could do her crying for her.

Gone Campin’

There is nothing I love so much as being in the woods.  The prospect of a trip north leaves me giddy and making lists, even if it’s just for a weekend.  Since Gwynn is back up north with my family, it’s doubly exciting to go up.  After all – what’s better than the woods?  Seeing one’s pooch for the first time in a week.

It might just be one of the most wonderful things… to be greeted with such absolute love and happiness.

This trip, I drove up with some friends of Doodle’s (and mine).  One advantage of this is that we actually got some photographs of the drive up!

Another is that K has a fancy camera, an artistic eye, and an enjoyment of taking pictures.  Any pictures with unusual colouring are definitely hers.  Other pictures, it’s probably equal chances being from my camera or hers.

Fiddling with colours…

… and artistic 🙂

It was considerably chillier up there than it has been most of the summer.  And rainy, though we lucked out with clear skies friday night, saturday morning, and sunday morning.

I’m kind of in love with her camera’s selective colour options

K & S … Doodle had to work on Sunday, unfortunately, so she missed out on hiking shenanigans

Gwynn found some puddles after all that rain

He’s very good at recall lately, and we practice a lot… still, on trails in this kind of woodland, I let him drag the long-line for short stretches, and call him back often.

We had a great trip, even with the rain.  Less fun… the trip home.

two lane undivided highway + Sunday afternoon cottage traffic + an accident closing the southbound lane = usually 4 hour drive extended to nearly 7… shoot me now.

a better picture to leave you with… sometimes Gwynn chickens out after he gets up on the rocks. Or his ‘getting up’ point is too close to a very long drop for my sanity.

A weekend in Mother Nature’s Bad Graces

Clearly, Mother Nature was pissed off this weekend.  The swinging pendulum of weather over the course of two days (three, if you include Friday) was shocking, and difficult to accommodate.

Friday fit well enough into late-winter weather – warmer than most of the rest of the winter, still frozen, lots of ice everywhere.  No big deal, Tall Sister and I donned our standard winter gear and trekked through the creek valley with Dog and his blonde girlfriend Sadie (the not naming things thing is getting irritating… names will be thrown in will-he-nill-he, just because.), Dog and Sadie ran laps through the forest around us.  My legs even recovered sensation by the time we left for obedience class.  The warm-ish winter weather meant, of course, that the school gymnasium in which we had obedience was doing a sauna imitation, because the school doesn’t adjust temperature quickly.  Great day to have a doggy-obstacle course set up for fun-time-trials. 

Saturday, we switched to an entirely different region’s version of winter weather – it was Monsoon season.  Dog and I held off on our walk for quite a while, until I was quite sure that, if anything, the rain was getting harder.  Half the backyard was underwater by this point.  We made a brief foray into the creek valley park, but a big section of the path that passes under a road bridge was entirely submerged, and I wasn’t wearing hip-waders (or stupid enough to try wading the creek with knee high water and a strong current), so we beat a hasty retreat, heading back home.  Luckily, Dog seems to dislike rain as much as I do – when we got back from the walk, he sat forlornly on the back door carpet while I tried to dry him off as much as I could.  He sat there a bit longer after I gave up, looking pathetic, as though saying, “That’s all you could do to ease my suffering?  You love me so little?”… I could actually see him tolerating a raincoat – or some kind of umbrella-harness-system, if it would keep him more dry during rainy-day walks. 

I went out on Saturday night, getting soaked in the line-up to get into the bar, but, overall, I was happy that I was at least warmer than I would have been had the winter weather still been upon us.  Within two hours of us getting to the bar, Mother Nature switched from above-zero-and-raining to zero-and-hailing… and this rapidly changed to zero-and-snowing.  Not just a little bit of snow, of course – by the time we left the bar, the snow came up to the top of my feet.  My feet, which were stupidly wearing ballet flats.  There was more snow on the ground than we got during the so-called snowmageddon that shut down the GTA a few weeks ago.  By the time we made it to my neighbourhood by transit, the snow was ankle deep – this after a full day of solid rain.  My friend and I must have been a ridiculous sight, trotting down the middle of the street in our inappropriate footwear and bar clothes, each of us in our own tire-track, to keep our feet out of the snow.

Sunday was, at least, not rainy, so we were able to go on a nice long walk through the winter wonderland my neighbourhood had transformed into.  The people we passed, shovelling their driveways, were not impressed by this weather.  Dogs in general were thrilled, Dog in particular acted as though he’d never seen snow before.  Dog met up with his red-headed girlfriend, Anya (the Vizsla), for an extended romp in the snow.  In case you were wondering, yes, my dog is a player.  And also, apparently, irresistible to all Vizslas – it’s like they (male or female… every Vizsla he’s met) see him, and think, “we will make beautiful puppies together – fast and warm”, and then do their best to claim him as their own.  This strange attractiveness was extra visible when Anya and a handsome intact (ie, still fully equipped) male Vizsla fought over Dog like he was the last meatball on earth. 

All in all, we went from having a bit of snow, to no snow, to lots of snow over the course of slightly more than 24 hours.  I wish Mother Nature would make up her mind, because a few days of warm weather make the cold even worse.  Especially after I got a good sighting of green grass!

Anyone else think Mother Nature’s off her rocker?