Scattered Marbles and Physics


I’ve lost my marbles.  I was so good for a while, with the healthy eating and the flexing of my imagination and the general adulting at life, and then the seam ripped and all my marbles scattered.

The fitness one rolled under the desk and wedged itself in the corner with the dust bunnies.  I keep trying to get it out again, but the gravitational pull between my bum and the couch feels insurmountable.


bernard-illust6The writing marble went off somewhere, I don’t know.  I keep catching sight of it out of the corner of my eye but when I turn to face it, it’s vanished, like the escaped class-pet in the ducts of every parent’s nightmares.  If the hamster came home not-pregnant and lived in the walls for all of Christmas break… then how is it now pregnant?  How?  I’d come up with a story, but my mind is a blank.

I keep finding and then dropping the arts and crafts marble – at this rate, those mitts will be ready to wear around June.  I’ll have to give them to my friend whose baby is due in June.  The magic eight ball’s sources say the likelihood of my starting and completing my baby themed project is no.

I know exactly where the ‘being a functional adult and taking responsibility’ marble is.  It’s kind of lego shaped, I step on it at the most inopportune moments and the instant stubbed-toe agony it produces tells me which marble it is.  I just don’t like it, so I leave it where it is, even if that means I’ll step on it again in a month or two.

Healthy eating is a slippery one, and I think it rolled under the fridge.  Every time I think I’ve caught it I realize I’m actually holding on to a gobstopper.  Which I then proceed to eat.  Lint and all.  Pretty sure there’s a magnetic field between junk food and my face.

This has been the status quo for more than EIGHT MONTHS.  Interspersed with random flare-ups of art or writing that are the equivalent of an “I aten’t ded” sign to the universe at large.  While this past summer can be blamed on my atrocious work schedule and location (10 hrs x 6 days of broiling hot site work for 3+ months WILL melt all the get-up-and-go from your body and leave you a dehydrated Iced Capp junkie potato), the rest of it is entirely on me physics.  I did the adult version of the toddler-flop and became an object at rest.

Has letting everything go made me happier?  More relaxed?  Surely I’m at least caught up on the laziest of pseudo-chores, the television? Hah.  My globe-trotting friend over at The Mundo Express is doing a better job of that while living out of a backpack and maintaining a blog!


Physics is getting tough on me and I hate shopping a lot, so with the goal of breaching the gravitational hold of the couch I signed up for Krav Maga classes last week.  This object had better get in motion if she doesn’t want to come down with a bad case of forcefully applied physics!

Next step: find something healthy and filling that’s faster to make than a  microwave chocolate mug cake (link… and paleo link… for when you want to pretend that it’s healthy.  Because I care about you and your sudden inexplicable desire for microwaved cake.  Blame it on me physics.).

The Physics of Writing


……………………………………………… .  .   .   .     .       .                           .                                              .

Do you ever get an idea for something to write, run over to the computer, open a document and …………….  nothing?

Maya Angelou is quoted as saying “You can’t use up creativity.  The more you use, the more you have.”

And that sums it up very well.  I think, though, you have to consider the other side of things.  Not using your creativity – does that make you have less?  Like the speed difference between two people, one who goes out 3 times a week and walks regularly, and one who just decided to get off the couch for the first time in, like 40 McRib sandwiches and a new PVR with 500 hours of recording space.

Or is it like physics – An object at rest stays at rest and an object in motion stays in motion with the same speed and in the same direction unless acted on by an unbalanced force.  That actually sums it up quite nicely.  In writing, it is much easier to keep writing when you are writing regularly.  The creative juices keep flowing.  But not easily – even on a writing roll, you have to be aware of the unbalanced forces that are leaching the urge to write, the creativity right out of you.  Work, school and family responsibilities, time management, and, for the love of all that is holy, they just added that show to Netflix, and there are seventy thousand episodes!  And once you find yourself at rest, it is a bugger to get back into motion.

There are a lot of things a person can do with their free time that don’t flex your creative muscles.  *Cough* TV *Cough*  And they’re fun!

And don't forget about lazing about in bed - that's pretty fantastic as well

And don’t forget about lazing about in bed – that’s pretty fantastic as well

Not to say that creative writing – blogging, fiction, etc – isn’t fun… but it does require a bit more focus than sprawling on the couch with a bag of chips and a Sudoku while also watching episode after episode of Supernatural.

Add on regular exercise, dog walks, making/eating food, socializing with human beings, face-to-face, and all the other things it’s necessary or at least desirable to do, and you’ve got one big lump of not in motion.  It’s just so much easier to not.

Easier, but so much less satisfying.

So, despite the fact that this took me far, far too long to put into words, I will try to get that ball rolling again, and hope that no external unbalanced forces come up for at least a little while.