Some Assembly Required

The Backalley Soapbox passed me the “My Seven Links” Award (curse? challenge? introspection?  click the link to find out the rules), an interesting series of instructions not unlike those included with the purchase of IKEA furniture – seemingly simple, but diabolically complex.  Worth the effort in the end, if the other “My Seven Links” posts I’ve read are anything to go by.  After all – when else do you get asked to bring out your old work to show off to the world?  I guarantee, while I might have a box of Lexy originals (signed, even!) from my JK to grade 5 years (I’d like to think it’ll be called my “Ochre period” one day, since I spent most of that age bracket muddy or dusty), I have yet to have the opportunity to showcase them in any way.

The goal of the Seven Links is to highlight some of your posts that would otherwise remain in archive ‘storage’ forever more.

Be warned – I don’t ‘do’ introspection well.  I wanted to go back and change all of my older posts, because, clearly, past-me didn’t understand the rules of  blogging.  Unlike my childhood “I don’t know the rules of soccer-baseball, but I’ll play anyways and get a home-run when everyone tells me to run and I do” past-self, I did not win at blogging when I started out.

My most beautiful post – One man’s Junk is another man’s Jungle Gym.  It’s got lots of pictures, it’s got a dog dancing on his hind legs, it’s got lots of random doggy activities, and it’s got ideas for doggy entertainment.  And it reminds me of a happy memory of an afternoon spent frolicking with my happy pooch in the back yard.  Now that’s a beautiful thing.

My most popular post – Jurassic Privy.  Honestly, I’m a bit baffled.  But I blame Google.  I was found on Google via 34 searches for “Jurassic Park toilet”, an assortment of t-rex searches, and… just… a bunch of searches for variations on the combination Jurassic park + toilet + man-on-it. Or, people just like potty humor and dinosaurs.  In that train, for your further entertainment: Gwynn discovered while camping that he really likes sticking his head under stall doors.  Nothing like a big orange hairy nose sniffing your ankle while in a vault toilet in a high-bear-population area to really wake you up in the morning!

My most controversial post – Bob Barker is Watching You.  The whole topic is controversial, and the responses were certainly fiery.  They were, however, fiery and on my side of the debate.  I think, however, that the post wasn’t clear enough about the fact that, while I think pets should be spayed or neutered, I don’t necessarily mean your pet.  But I might.  It depends.  I got a great and informative comment from one blogger about why their dogs aren’t fixed, and I hope they knew from the post that they were definitely NOT in the “Go get your dogs fixed, stupid!” category.

My most helpful post – Butchering the Duck.  We had to look long and far to find help butchering a chicken, and that was the closest we could get to help butchering a duck.  Now, though, my “pro” duck-butchering is floating around on the interwebs, and might just be found by someone else shocked to find the head and feet still on the duck they bought.

A post whose success surprised me Looking back, Walking in a Winter Wonderland was lacking in pictures, and had an over-abundance of words.  I’m glad so many people found their way to it, though.

A post I feel didn’t get the attention it deserved –Now I Know I Knew so Little, but I understand why it didn’t get much attention.  It was one of my earliest posts.  It could be rewritten or split up and made into a far more reader-friendly post.  There aren’t any pictures.  The paragraphs are long.  But it very closely captures that “I just got my first dog ever” feeling, which is a big part of why I started this blog in the first place.

The post that I am most proud of – I’m not sure if proud is the right word, but I really enjoyed my Chivalry and Hatchbacks post.  It’s a post about car-shopping, but, in my opinion, is WAY more entertaining than actually  reading about… you know… shopping for cars.

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To those bloggers:  Sorry, and congratulations!  I hope you’re better at this than I am!

To everyone else – you should go check these bloggers out – they’re hilarious and entertaining!