Starting the walk

My first blog – in fact, my first ‘published’ writing – the first writing I present to the world that is not a school report, structural design report, or essay.  I am feeling pretty impressed with myself right now, I gotta say.

Gone for a Walk – this was not a name I came upon lightly, nor was it the first name I toyed around with.  I wanted something to represent everything going on in my life at this point in my life, and this really is a good descriptor for that.

In the back of my mind, I’ve been thinking ‘I should write this down’ for months – since sometime in October, in fact.  Since I started living with a wolf.

the wolf

Yes, yes, I know… clearly this is a dog.  And not even one of those very tough and wolf-ish looking ones – He’s an Aussiedoodle, very near the opposite end of the ‘toughness’ spectrum.  But a wolf is much closer to a dog than a dog is to a person.  Given the choice, he’d spend an awful lot more time roaming the frozen tundra (aka, the park down the road from my house), eating dead and rotted things, and doing other wolf-ish things.  He has no interest in the television, or sleeping in on weekends or skipping the walk on days when the temperature sinks down to -30˚C with freezing rain and a chance of blizzard. Before getting him, I did some dog walking, and a fair bit of pet-sitting.  Long before getting him, I had cats.  Taking care of someone elses dog for a week is not the same as taking care of your own from now until the unforeseeable future.  A large portion of this blog will be dedicated to my attempts at first-time-dog-ownership.  Right now all you people who grew up with dogs, have had dogs your whole lives… you’re probably settling in at your computer chuckling a bit and prepared to browse to something more interesting.  After all – it isn’t brain surgery – it is dog ownership.  However, I’m sure that somewhere in all this, you’ll find some stories to laugh at, or go ‘Awwww’ about, commiserate with me about, or maybe even be able to post a comment that will help me immensely in my attempts at taming my fluffy wolf. 

I’m sure it is fairly obvious from the previous paragraphs that I am obsessed with my dog.  Another thing I’m obsessed with is my dehydrator, and most other things related to food.  There will definitely be mention of recipes for the dehydrator, both for human and dog consumption.  I’m sure there will also be stories of what I’ve found does NOT work.  Why on earth did I buy a dehydrator?  Half the people who own one will be thinking, ‘because it’s awesome!’, while I’m sure another portion of the dehydrator owners will be thinking ‘it seemed like a good idea at the time’.  Getting a dehydrator is rather like getting a pasta-maker, or a bread machine.  Some people find it amazing and handy and brilliant to have in their house – with a bread maker, you can have fresh bread whenever you want, whole wheat, multi-grain, cinnamon raisin, French stick bread, warm buns with dinner – it will go great with that hearty stew you made in the slow cooker you get so much use out of.  Wow!  I should get a bread maker! And for other people, that bread machine just takes up space in their kitchen… or in the closet… or the basement, or eventually the garage (ours hasn’t quite made it to the garage – it seems content to collect dust in our basement for now).  The bread maker was not a success in my house – if I’m going to make bread, I kind of want to go through the entire process, and I want it to turn out not as a tall, kind of useless giant-muffin-shape with a dough hook baked into the bottom.  Giant round sandwich, anyone?  I feel so much more accomplished when my next batch of bread doesn’t turn out like the little briquettes I made the last time.  The dehydrator, however, has not been relegated to the far reaches of equipment storage.  It is in the basement, but that’s only because it makes a whooshing noise when it is on, and because we have clear counter space down there, which isn’t present in our actual kitchen.  And the snacks that I make with it are delicious, mostly healthy (or at least, with fewer chemical additives than their grocery store counterparts), and lightweight (which will have an enormous impact on my next menu for camping). 

Oh yes… my other obsession… camping.  This year, I’m getting back into interior camping, something I haven’t done since I stopped working on the interior crew for provincial parks.  And I’ll be taking the dog, added pressure to get it right!

So – welcome to my blog – dogs, dehydrators, camping and other things I encounter while out and about.  I don’t foresee a lot of comments on this slightly haphazard introduction, but, if you’re anxious to post, tell me what your most useless household purchase is (ie, for me, it would definitely be a breadmaker), and what you were thinking when you bought it!