100 Word Challenge – Room

In an attempt to get back back into writing (and fully distract myself from other things in my life), I figured I’d start with 100 words… no more… no less… with Thin Spiral Notebook’s 100 Word Challenge.  This week’s challenge was :


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Didn’t have any time to try to find a neat picture to go with it, so here’s Gwynn.



“Junk it.”

“All of it?”


“Family don’t want nothing?”

“You deaf?  Why I gotta repeat myself?”

“Nah, I got it.  Just sad is all.  I mean, this lady filled them frames with pictures of the people she loved, and they ain’t got time for her stuff?”

“Take a closer look before you get all poetic and crap.”

Grubby sleeve to dusty glass smeared the grime away enough to see images.  He repeated the process on a few more frames before saying, “Oh.”

“The new owner, Mr. Fluffles, wants this room for empty boxes and catnip.”

“Cats, man.  No nostalgia.”

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  1. Being a cat owner, I can attest to the feline lack of nostalgia. This piece made me laugh. Great dialogue too.

  2. I want to know what those pictures showed! Great job!

    • they captured the family she loved the most. the kind that goes miaow 😀

  3. You can ‘picture’ this taking place. Good job. ;-D

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