Dog Days

Why?  Because we need more dogs on the internet.

Gwynn is doing immensely better, but it’s the level of difference between someone recovering from a near-fatal chainsaw accident and someone recovering from a possibly career ending sports injury.  The house no longer smells like dying, but it is also still not full of the peppy steps and play-bows of a pretty high energy pooch.

He’s back going upstairs, though, which makes an immense difference to him…


(he thinks he’s people, now, and now I have a pillow mentally labeled as “not mine”)

And enjoying the comforts of sleeping in many places much more comfortably than he did while his stitches were still… oozing…


(behind the barbecue, in an attempt to look pathetic enough to get some more barbecue)

And has even started getting back into fitness…


(He likes to sit on things)

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