SciFriday 1 – Commute

This piece is called Tracks, by Sandara. Click the image to go and check out more of her work.

Travelling the abandoned byways of this, the ancient home of our foolish godly ancestors, I curse my own foolishness.  The ghostly silence groans with concrete and steel losing to gravity and time.  

The rumbling coo of pigeons  is nerve-wracking.  Massive and wily as they are, my best chance is to take advantage of their poor eyesight – move slowly, steadily.   

My camel’s metal claw rings against buried rail and the birds hone in on the noise.

Next station’s in 2km.  I can see their evil red eyes gleaming.  Too far.

Ducking under the bot’s torso and pulling out my bow, I scan the horizon and pray.

When the first enormous rat bites into my calf, I’m ready with a knife.  Commuting downtown really is deadly.


Chris White Writes put out a photo prompt today, more specifically, a sci fi prompt.  I love reading sci fi, but I’ve got to say, it’s not my strong suit.  What better way to improve than by practising, though, eh?

Click the picture to check out the artist, or go to Chris White Writes to submit your own prompt response and read other submissions!

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  1. I should maybe stop complaining about my commute…

    • Hah, any kind of commute can be a bit cut-throat, and anything over 30 minutes makes me complain, so no judgement from my end.

  2. There’s no better way to improve than by practising! Great story!

    • Thanks! I figure if it’s a type of fiction I love to read, I ought to at least try writing it

  3. Very original take in the image, this – far more so than anything I’d have come up with. You planning to keep doing these? Practice DOES make perfect, after all 😉

    • I’ll be trying to, as long as they keep showing up! Hope to see you posting responses to it again too 🙂

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