It seems like, lately, everyone I know is having babies.  I am definitely at that time in my life where people in my age group are going off and getting married and starting their brand new little families.  You’re wondering how this relates to the title of this post, I know.

First things first, I’m not pregnant.  Or getting married.  Those both require one to have been dating someone long enough to fall in love with that person, and I’m neither dating nor falling in love at the moment.

I knit.  Not well, mind you – Mostly, it’s just dish cloths.  The most complicated thing I’ve done is make a Christmas ornament ball – it required me to change the number of stitches throughout, in order to make a shape I could then wrap around foam.  But the point is – square things whose patterns consist of knit and purl, and maybe the occasional bobble… those are within my knitabilities.  So baby blankets are my new occupation, of late.

I can’t hold conversations while I knit, unfortunately.  I can listen to people.  As long as they don’t expect some kind of answer.

“Do you want a piece of chocolate?”

“Seven?  I mean… what? No, wait, give me a sec, I have to finish counting.  Seven… eight…”

I can, however, half pay attention to television shows.  Preferably the kind without the requirement of deep thought.  As we’ve already established, my ‘deep’ thoughts while knitting are more along the lines of “knit Seven… purl twelve… nine… ten… eleven…twelve… knit nineteen… purl to end”

And so I find myself knitting blankets whose purpose will be to keep infants warm while watching a television show whose main character is a mass murderer whose act of ‘good’ in killing only other mass murderers he openly acknowledges is to reduce the risk of getting caught.  Knitting + babies + Dexter… the things on my mind of an evening.

It’s just weird.  It seems almost inappropriate to, in any way, link the two.  But my alternate show, Supernatural, regularly has too much stuff going on in silence (ie, there’s music, but you have to watch it to see what’s happening), so I find myself sitting, poised to knit, and not doing so.

Do you find it hard to ‘just’ watch tv?  I find it just about impossible.  I play Sudoku, knit, cross-stitch, groom the dog, brush his teeth, type, do stretching exercises or, if the show is really not holding my attention, read.



  1. Yeah, same for me.
    But you know that.
    But hey! Latest season of Dexter involves his very own baby!
    Knitting + Babies + Dexter and his baby… 😀

  2. Well I definitely second the baby part. If one more person asks me when it’s my turn…

    And I also can’t really just watch tv and do nothing else. I’m likely to fall asleep (yes, like an 80 year old man would). Like right now, I’m “watching” a pvr-ed old rerun of What Not To Wear and reading blogs. Commonplace in our house.

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