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I know plenty of you already participate in Nanowrimo (National novel writing month… it’s in november, and if you don’t participate already, you should consider it), but do you participate in Camp Nano?  It’s basically the same idea as Nanowrimo, only you can set your own goal wordcount.  Great for those of us whose Nanowrimo wordcount is three or four times as high as the 50000 required… and for those of us (this guy), who don’t necessarily have the time to write that whole 50000 words, and would perhaps be more comfortable at 30000 instead.

I’m acutally aiming for the full 50000 for camp nano, but I am being a bit flexible, and counting my blogging, prompt responses, and any fiction writing during this month for my word count.  I’m on a construction site all day, which creates the added difficulty of not having a computer on me at all times.  During my breaks at work, I’m busting out a notebook.  This, of course, is excellent practice at reading my own dreadful handwriting.  I’ve read a number of articles recently bemoaning the death of teaching handwriting in elementary schools.  While I completely agree that everyone should learn how to write by hand, I’m also very grateful that I no longer have to write essays long-hand.  Or at all, but that’s besides the point.  The point is hand-cramping.  Much as I love notebooks (pretty little ones with patterns on the front, or that kind of cushy leather cover that you just want to stroke), and the idea of sitting idyllically by the creek, feet dragging in the water as I put pen to paper… it really isn’t me.  In that particular scene, the dog prances through the shallows, sending water – not crystalline droplets of refreshingly cool spray, but buckets of fishy smelling, likely muddy water – in sheets up to drench my legs, notebook and general surroundings, before barking for my attention.  Why is the dog there, you may ask?  Why wouldn’t he be?  I can’t see the point in leaving him behind when I go out on a walk, and he can’t see the point in me sitting quietly while he goes off and exercises himself on our walks.  So I mostly just write inside, or, if I’m feeling like risk-taking, in my yard, where borrowing someone’s laptop works just fine.

Back to my reasoning for including blog posts, I want to get back into writing consistently on my blog, and if it doesn’t count towards my word count, then it won’t get prioritized like I’d like for it to be.

I’m hoping to post at least twice a week, either about writing, or pieces of writing.  Wish me luck, and if you’re participating this month, I’ll be rooting for you too!

I leave you with a picture of me… notebookless… on a walk.

The little guy with us is Calvin, a corgi who is staying with us while his family is away.
The little guy with us is Calvin, a corgi who is staying with us while his family is away.

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