The Story Circle

I recently got an invitation to participate in Cameron D. Garriepy‘s Story Circle.

It’s kind of exciting to be counted as a writer in the eyes of someone whose work I love to read, so I’m really pleased that I got to join in on this.  I’m also very pleased that I didn’t have to do the second part.  The first part was written by Michael Carnell, and it was excellent… but also something that conjured really vague ideas in my mind of what might come next.  Kate Shrewsday did a fantastic job continuing it, in a direction I never would have thought of, and you can find her part 2 in this link.   Part 3 was written by Idiosyncratic Eye, and suddenly, I had to follow all of them and somehow complete the story they wove, that went in directions I would never have expected.  Gulp.

It was a lot of fun, if a bit stressful, so you should definitely go and check out the set of four stories, including my own final piece, which is here.

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  1. My sentiments exactly but I love your finale, very powerful. 🙂

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