Wordless Wednesday – Searching for Cats

Every picture I present to you has at least one cat in it.  Enjoy.



Down side – Gwynn’s cat issues are still very much a work in progress.  Plus side – I am becoming a KILLER I-Spy player.

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  1. We love iSpy

    • Gwynn does, too. I’d prefer it if he left it at ISpy, and didn’t go on to ‘ICry-at-the-sight-of-you-while-pulling-on-the-leash’

  2. Very cool. Keep ’em coming! Prey drive can be a hard thing to work with. Does Gwynn just really want to play with them or are you concerned she has more deadly intentions?

    • lol, question his masculinity all you want. He isn’t fully equipped any longer, his name is very ambiguous, and 99% of his stuff is purple, because that’s a colour that I like.
      I don’t think he has nefarious intentions, towards cats, anyways. When he’s after a squirrel or pidgeon in our yard, he’s deadly quiet and does that “I am hunter!” creep-walk. With cats, he starts whimpering desperately, and then tries to run towards them, whimpering and yipping all the way. However, with the level of excitement he has reached about cats, I don’t know – he might crush one with sheer enthusiastic excitement, which ammounts to the same thing – hunted or crushed in a friendly manner, the cat is equally dead.

  3. He! Sorry, I meant he! Gwynn is definitely a boy and I didn’t mean to question his masculinity.

  4. Took my tired old eyes forever but I spotted that sneaky cat.

    • yeah, I don’t always catch all the cats he spots, unfortunately. But I get the general idea when he’s crying and tugging and begging me to let him go play with his new best friend, who doesn’t even know how much friendship is about to bear down on him.

  5. Oh my you do have a lot of cats to wade through! Those are great pictures.

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