He’s Sexy and He Knows It!

On a particularly frigid September morning, we started our trek.  It only looks like I abandoned him in the woods at night – I swear it was just unnaturally dark that morning, and he left the trails with me.

Also, he isn’t a zombie…

It was cold out – I was beginning to have my doubts about the plan.  It’s only going to get colder!

I mean, look at that gorgeously hairy beast – he should clearly stay the same, for always!

He disagreed.  Last winter was unusually warm, and he spent most of his indoor time sealing drafts.  I suspect our overall house-heating-efficiency was increased just by the dog’s naps.

but how will I entertain myself without his full head of hair?

The arguments for won out in the end – Gwynn got a fall haircut.  He’s been wiggling along to LMFAO ever since, like a toddler who drank a supersized coffee and a fistfull of pixie sticks in one go, and is now running around naked in the front yard.  He lost his fur coat and he’s raring to go.

“When I walk on by, girls be looking like damn he fly”

“This is how I roll, come on ladies it’s time to go”

“When I walk in the spot (yeah), this is what I see (ok)
Everybody stops and they staring at me”

he’s sexy and he knows it

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  1. Gwynn looks beautiful either way, but he does look a lot more free with a shorter coat. He must feel like he’s lost a ton of weight!

  2. I really should have done it earlier in the summer – he’s really got a lot more energy since losing his coat, and not just because cutting off his fur seemed to be the official start of cold-weather 😛 I’m going to have to increase the regularity of cuts, I think. Though he’ll still have all winter to grow it out before the next one – I’ve decided that this winter, we WILL have actual winter weather… and snow!

  3. He really looks different and look at that tail!

    • she keeps the tail long for me because I love it so much 🙂 it’s like a banner and a pompom had a baby

  4. He sure is sexy and he does know it.

  5. Wow what a difference, he is so cute 🙂

  6. True canine charisma, Lexy!

  7. Our groomer actually told us that breeds with hair versus fur are actually warmer with a shorter coat. It keeps the heat closer to the body apparently. Luna is cut pretty short in the winter and I let it be all beach crazy in the summer. I’m crushin’ on your dog.

    • interesting – it’s the opposite to how I go with Gwynn. I definitely notice his energy levels go up when I cut his coat, though, especially when it’s really warm out. It might be because he does have an undercoat as well as a hair coat – he’s got a weird combination fur that doesn’t apply fully to the hair-coat theory.

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