Gone Campin’

There is nothing I love so much as being in the woods.  The prospect of a trip north leaves me giddy and making lists, even if it’s just for a weekend.  Since Gwynn is back up north with my family, it’s doubly exciting to go up.  After all – what’s better than the woods?  Seeing one’s pooch for the first time in a week.

It might just be one of the most wonderful things… to be greeted with such absolute love and happiness.

This trip, I drove up with some friends of Doodle’s (and mine).  One advantage of this is that we actually got some photographs of the drive up!

Another is that K has a fancy camera, an artistic eye, and an enjoyment of taking pictures.  Any pictures with unusual colouring are definitely hers.  Other pictures, it’s probably equal chances being from my camera or hers.

Fiddling with colours…

… and artistic 🙂

It was considerably chillier up there than it has been most of the summer.  And rainy, though we lucked out with clear skies friday night, saturday morning, and sunday morning.

I’m kind of in love with her camera’s selective colour options

K & S … Doodle had to work on Sunday, unfortunately, so she missed out on hiking shenanigans

Gwynn found some puddles after all that rain

He’s very good at recall lately, and we practice a lot… still, on trails in this kind of woodland, I let him drag the long-line for short stretches, and call him back often.

We had a great trip, even with the rain.  Less fun… the trip home.

two lane undivided highway + Sunday afternoon cottage traffic + an accident closing the southbound lane = usually 4 hour drive extended to nearly 7… shoot me now.

a better picture to leave you with… sometimes Gwynn chickens out after he gets up on the rocks. Or his ‘getting up’ point is too close to a very long drop for my sanity.

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  1. Great pictures! I like that selective coloring feature – is it an app?
    Traffic on the way home, always a buzzkill.
    Thanks for sharing!

    • I think it’s just a setting on her camera… it would even keep through a video, so I have no idea what/how it works. Very cool effects, though!

  2. Too much fun! We finally got to go camping last weekend, the first time this summer, tragically. Even though it was only one night, it was a blast.

    Gwynn looks like a natural in the woods, even if he chickened out at the rocks. 🙂

    • He loooooves the woods. Has a fantastic time, though a tough time adjusting to being back at home, and no longer attached at the hip to family 24/7. The first thing he did when he got home was run over and lie down in his crate… clearly one thing he missed about civilization was his privacy!
      hopefully you guys’ll get out once or twice more in the fall?

  3. I love the color selectness on her camera as well. Those photos are great.

    So Gwynn still uses the long cord on his hikes? Do you keep hold of it or let him drag it but call him back frequently? I’m finding the more frequently I call the better Delilah’s recalls are. But that could change in a minute. 🙂

    • I alternate between keeping hold and letting him drag… lots of calling back, treat, release. He’s still a bit spooked about kids, so i make sure to call him back and short-leash him if there’s anyone nearby on the trail. Luckily, it seemed we (or they?) were doing the trail backwards, because we only ever passed people going the opposite direction from us – no fears about gwynn catching up to them once they were past!

  4. Sure is pretty there. Great pictures! Oh yeah Sunday traffic. We deal with that when we go to our cabin. No fun.

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