This week on Trifecta, the word is:

flight (noun)

1a : an act or instance of passing through the air by the use of wings

b : the ability to fly
2a : a passing through the air or through space outside the earth’s atmosphere

b : the distance covered in such a flightc : swift movement
3a : a trip made by or in an airplane or spacecraft

3b : a scheduled airplane trip

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This is a continuation of story, you can see the last one here.  Feedback is welcome – not to mention, opinions on whether you want to find out what’s next, or, please, for the love of all that is holy, Lexy, please move on from this trite and blah storyline, it bores me.

The picture below is… well… nothing like I’d really imagine in an old english house, but it is so cool and dark and just the right kind of ominous.  Even better, it’s probably the kind of staircase 99% of people walk past without seeing, but this guy saw the potential in it.  It’s a photomanipulation by artist Jakub Kubica from Poland.  Check him out on DeviantART, or his blog, there are some really great photographs, altered and unaltered.  Poland is officially on my ‘places to visit’ list – there are some very cool looking buildings and bridges there, though for now I’ll settle for seeing them through the lens of Jakub Kubica.

Rachel jerked her hand back from the smouldering wood, surprise breaking through the remembered terror of the dream and dousing the fire.  Chelsea’s eyes were wide and frightened, pressed against the wall.

“I-“ an icy spray of water hit her square in the face.  The tousle-haired boy playing fireman proceeded to douse her chest and arm in the attempt to put out the banister.

Chelsea choked back a noise that sounded suspiciously like a snicker.  “You can probably stop now, Reggie.”

Rachel glared in silence at her attacker, trying hard to keep in mind that this other cousin was about 10, and therefore an inappropriate audience for the swearing she wanted to do.  Some of it must have come across in her eye, however, because he snatched a towel to hold out, half peace offering, half barrier against her wrath.  The showerhead vanished with a guilty clatter.

“So… how was your flight?”  The scrawny boy peered at her, sparrow-like, shifting his feet as though prepared for flight.

Rachel shifted her weight with a squelch of carpeting, and carefully pushed some damp hair out of her face.  Her lips twitched as she struggled against the laughter that bubbled forth.  She dabbed her face with the towel, and replied, “It was good.  I didn’t expect England to be so wet, though.”

The answering grin on her cousin’s face was cut off abruptly as he looked down the staircase.

Chelsea brushed past her.

“Caleb!” she squealed, throwing her arms around the neck of the gorgeous newcomer.  His golden brown hair fell across a California tanned face with twinkling blue eyes and an easy grin.  His smile grew broader as their eyes met over Chelsea’s head.

“You must be Chelsea’s cousin from over the pond?  I hope you didn’t swim all that way.”

Rachel smiled in response, tamping down the swell of irrational terror.  Jet lag must be kicking in for those beautiful eyes to have seemed so very cold for a moment, leftovers from the dream

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  1. Stunning pic. Would also love to visit Poland.

  2. This is a very interesting tale. I’m hoping her recurring dream will be explained later.

  3. Stunning photo, truly. It looks more like a painting than a photograph. I have a feeling it looks more fascinating in the picture than it would in real life, which is kind of cool.

    • I agree – that’s part of what I like about it – the idea of seeing something in the right light to know that you can make it really interesting, when it doesn’t seem to be anything special.

  4. ominous ending with the eyes making her feel cold. Love that image. Very mysterious

  5. The photo is dynamite.

  6. I know cousins who have a sibling rivalry going on… this has that kind of ominous feel to it.

    • Yeah, I don’t think Chelsea and Rachel are going to become best buds anytime soon.

  7. I definitely got the shivers on that one! Handsome but cold and calculating.

    • The bad guy can’t always have a handlebar moustache… then again, maybe he just has eyes like Mr. nightmare did.

  8. I want to know what happens next in the story. 🙂

  9. That last line makes me worried for what is to come.

    • it’s all about the catch – like when you planned to finish a chapter and then go to bed, but HOW can I possibly stop reading now, when I don’t know what happened next, and hey, why is the sun coming up? 🙂

  10. trifectawriting

     /  August 10, 2012

    I agree with the others–love the photo. I also love your story here. I don’t think you should “move on.” I think you should slow down and develop it further. This has potential! Thanks for linking up. Hope to see you back again soon.

    • Thanks. I’m definitely working on developing it a bit, coming up with a plot that might even have a begining, middle and end!

  11. Nice! I love what you’ve done with this story so far. I am intrigued – that’s for sure.

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