Walky Wednesday

Gwynn definitely recognises the cues for ‘walk time’.  He doesn’t run to the gate unless I’m actually planning to take him further than the back yard.

Depending on the day, we might spend most of the walk going down random streets and stopping to enjoy peoples’ gardens.

Or go to the dog park – ‘artistically’ decorated with large boulders and sand, possibly an ode to the desert we don’t live in.  I like how close this park is to me, and it’s much bigger than most of the others in the area, but whoever designed it clearly wasn’t designing it for dogs.  After they cut down all the trees that used to be in the field, they built a fence that sheep could jump over and filled the area with sand.  It’s nice that it drains well, but it also blows with the lightest breeze, getting into eyes, and, slowly but surely, all moving to one end of the park.

Gwynn loves it anyways, especially if there are one or two dogs like Petey here, a wrestler extraordinaire.

Adventures are exhausting.

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  1. Those are great photos!!

    I guess they were not dog people who designed the park 😦

    • I think I should just be grateful that there are dog parks at all… it’s crazy how much people object to dog-accessible space in parks. Especially when you consider how much less time they spend in those parks than the dog people! In my area, adding a dog area to the most out of the way, unused section of a huge park gets fought like we’re trying to burn the entire park to the ground and build condos.

      • Oh my word!

        I know it is hard sometimes to find dog friendly places and spaces. My guys used to love to go to the farmers market with me and the vendors liked them too, always gave them treats and water if they needed it. But my little town passed a city ordinance a couple of years ago that prohibits dogs from being walked at a public event. Now here is the clincher of why the ordinance was passed, someone brought a Boa Constrictor to the market and there were some stray dogs around too, when I asked how that had anything to do with dogs on a leash under control with their owner being walked they could not give me an answer. 😦

        • Boa constrictor at the farmers market… holy cow! Unfortunate that they passed that ordinance… it doesn’t make any sense to me, and it practically discourages people from going out and about with their dogs. I wish the world at large could find it possible to make a bit of space for pet-friendly, instead of pet-bans. One thing I loved when I was in europe was that people would have their dogs with them everywhere… in restaurants and cafes, shops, just going about their business with their pooch. I can understand asking someone whose dog is out of control to take their dog outside, but I think having the option of being able to bring your dog places would encourage people to have them well-behaved enough to take advantage!

          • I have heard that about Europe. I do have some pet friendly business’s here, one bank will let me bring them inside and my regular bank always checks to see if they are in the vehicle and sends out biscuits for them.

            I agree with you on making pet-friendly spaces instead of so many bans.

          • For the most part, people are pretty strict about no-pet rules here. The variety stores will let us bring him in, and I’ve been to pick up food at some restaurantst that, in inclement weather, have let me bring him inside to wait while they finish making my food. Unfortunately, a lot of places won’t even let you bring your dog onto the patio in the summer, because the fines they get for allowing it are really harsh.

  2. I discovered that dogs don’t really care what kind of substrate they pee on.

    • Very true – Gwynn doesn’t care at all about where he gets to play with other dogs, but it sure does get extra piping hot in there with all that sand for the sun to heat up!

  3. Kristine

     /  August 8, 2012

    Adventures are exhausting, I agree. I don’t like the dog parks that are fenced in this way as much. I prefer to visit the ones that are set up more like trails. We don’t see as many other dogs but it is a lot nicer of a walk.

    Love that shot of the flowers. Just beautiful. Do you know what kind they are?

    • I love going on trails with Gwynn – in an ideal world, also with another dog along who enjoys playing in the same way as him. We have a few small and short trails in toronto that are off-leash allowed, but not nearly as pretty or isolated feeling as some of the trails you’ve taken photos in.
      The flowers are wild roses, though obviously planted in someone’s garden. Wild roses smell amazing, too – usually a lot stronger than most of the more ornate roses.

  4. At first, I thought the park was a beach. Oh well, at least there was a friend to play with.

    • It’s about a kilometer away from the beach, but unfortunately the powers that be decided that putting an official dog beach at the mostly-used-by-dogs beach down the way wasn’t in the cards.

  5. What a charmer 🙂 I have always wondered how dog parks work. Socialising is still the order of the day, I see!

    • Oh definitely – I generally prefer just walking in the woods, but the dog park is great for giving Gwynn a chance to meet some new (or regulars at the park) dogs and socialize.

  6. Will that sand get hard over time? I can understand not putting in grass, but sand. Ugg.

    • so far it hasn’t. People are pretty good about picking up after their dogs, which helps. I’d prefer woodchip on dirt. I think that’s the most ideal version of things, if you aren’t sure how the grass will hold up.

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