Goof Patrol

A friend of mine regularly uses Gwynn as an example of what a ‘real dog’ doesn’t look like, according to her and her boyfriend’s view of dogs.  Not to say that they don’t like him, just that when they think of one day getting a dog, they picture something more like a husky or german shepherd – preferably something with ears that naturally point upwards, fur that only grows to a certain length, and an enormous head.  Gwynn’s ears are floppy, and really, under all that fur, extremely tiny.  He looks exactly like the kind of goof he is, which is part of why I’m always surprised to run into people who are nervous of him.  And it’s true that there are some dogs that just seem more… doggish.  A lab of some sort, or a rottweiler, or golden retriever – there are dogs that just have the look of a dog that could, say, trek long distance and find his way home, surviving in the wilderness.

yeah… like that

Gwynn doesn’t exactly look like that dog that will drag you out of the way of a train, getting injured in the process.  Or like the kind of dog that, if he got lost in the woods, would come out unscathed and happy.  A significant proportion of the dogs on this Hero List fall into that doggish-dog category.

Gwynn is still up north with my family, soon to return from his great camping adventure.  One of my biggest concerns with this venture (apart from the possibility of him growing more attached to my mum than to me while he’s away) is the bears.  Yup, there are bears in them thar hills, and with the drought conditions we’re experiencing in Ontario this summer, they’re coming out of them hills in search of delicious cooler-shaped snacks and empty yogurt cups.  Last year, he nearly dragged me into the woods after a very surprised adolescent bear who wandered past our site.  I strongly suspect that he was yelling, “FRIEEEEENNNNNDDDDD!” as he bounded towards the innocent 200 lb youngster.  This is why he’s on leash except for at the dog park.  That, and the raccoons.

can anyone else hear “You’ve got a friend in me” by Randy Newman playing in the background of this playfest?

This summer, he’s apparently found his inner wolf.  With bears roaming the campground the past few days, he has shown himself to be a real doggish dog.

First, he dogged up and refused to let my mum go to the washroom.  He put his woof down and just said… well… “woof”.  Translated roughly as “We’re going back to our campsite, NOW!”.  She found out from the Park Wardens that there was a bear in the campsite across from the outhouses she was headed to.

Then, to confirm that this wasn’t a fluke incident of dog-needing-to-go-home-just-because, a bear found itself in the uncomfortable position of being too close to my dad for anyone’s comfort.  It probably wasn’t expecting trouble, browsing in the bushes near the campsite, far too close for comfort to my dad, whose recent knee surgery does make him somewhat of a wounded gazelle.  While my dad attempted to not have a heart attack, Gwynn took charge!

He growled and barked and growled some more, making no attempt to chase after the bear, just standing guard in front of my dad until the fiendish bear got the message, and left the vicinity.

yeah, you better run!

We’re pretty sure that the common theme here is ‘protect the family from bears!’, and not, “let’s ensure that neither of my parents have to use the outhouse again by scaring the crap out of them.”

A message to the blackbears out there in the blogosphere… us goofy dogs are on patrol, and tougher than we look!

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  1. Have you ever thought about hiring Gwynn out to hikers? It could be lucrative like the places that rent big dogs to women in cities so they can go jogging alone. Funny.

    Love the name Gwynn by the way.

    • Do they really do that? renting dogs to women to jog alone. that’s an excellent idea! Sending Gwynn out hiking every day?… getting paid to have someone else exhaust my dog? you might just have found me the ideal career!

  2. Your doggie is one I would love to have as a friend. Don’t worry about loving your mom more than you as good dogs just love.



  3. He is so stinkin adorable!! I love how he is protective of his family. I’m sure Delilah would say come on in and eat my mom as long as you share the meat. LOL

    • I’m just really glad he isn’t trying to go after the bear. Timid as blackbears are, they still have at least 100 lbs on Gwynn, and really heavy duty claws!

  4. Not only a pretty face, but a bodyguard too. What an essential camping accessory, Lexy 🙂 Loved this post!

    • It’s reassuring to know he isn’t just a friendly fluffball… when it’s called for, he can be a bodyguard too.

  5. Gwynn is a hero-dog too! Good boy!

    • in a lesser capacity than the really heroic dogs, but I’d really never want to find out how far he’d go to save us… I prefer to keep him, and myself out of danger!

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