Wacky Wednesday

A while back, Tori at the Ramblings invited blogland to send her pictures and messages for her wedding day ribbon wall.  Gwynn and I rose to the occasion, though not quite, I suspect, in the way she was imagining it would go.  My poor dog puts up with far too much from me.

we suited up!

and then we got gussied up

worked on our dance routine…

Gwynn was all set to head to Texas for the wedding!

But then he heard how long he’d be stuck in the car…

Too bad – we got pretty good at the dancing!

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  1. How fun. You are way more creative than me 🙂

    • I wouldn’t say more creative – I’ve seen your dashing doxie formal wear on your blog already!

      It’s just that my dog is the right size to use the assortment of dressup and halloween clothing we still have from my childhood!

  2. LOL Gwynn is a good sport. 🙂

    • He definitely puts up with a lot from me – he didn’t even seem to mind, really, once the jumping around started!

  3. Haha what fun!!

  4. Gwynn looks like he had a great time!! Did you tell him it was better in the car than in an airplane?

    • I can’t even imagine how horrible the experience of an airplane would be for him! and me – I’d be terrified and anxious the entire time – between sending him off to be all alone in a box for a few hours, to the longest flight in existence (time works differently sometimes!) to the most anxiety-ridden dash to go claim him from wherever living baggage gets stored to ensure he’s alright!

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