Watery Wednesday

A few weeks ago, we went to the Australian Shepherd Meetup at Cherry Beach.

Meetup.com is a great site to find people with similar interests on.  In my case, I’m part of two GTA dog groups, one of which happens to cater to Australian Shepherds.  The group has every possible colour combination of Aussie you could imagine – they are such pretty dogs, and 15-20 of them all running around and playing together is a very cool sight.

This particular Aussie Playdate was at the offleash dog park at Cherry Beach.  Our fearless Meetup Leader, Suzanne, is also a fantastic photographer, whose photos I snagged from the playdate page.

Gwynn stands out a bit, being taller and curlier than his half-siblings, but they all play the same, and it is hilarious watching a big group of Aussies (or any breed, I’m sure) playing together.  Making it a day at the beach – the off-leash Dog Beach, no less – makes it doubly fun.

Cherry Beach is located at the end of Cherry Street in downtown Toronto.  The dog beach is not fully enclosed – the water end of the fence is easily gotten around by dogs – so if you do go there and are concerned that your dog might be a runner, keep him on-leash until the second section of beach.

The beach stretches quite a ways, broken up by patches of shrub, and the park extends back into the trees, perfect for cooling off in the shade, and drying off before heading back to the car.

There’s a ton of parking down there – if the parking next to the dog beach is full, there’s a long gravel parking lot running parallel to the not-for-dogs beach on the other side.

Ninja Dog Defeated by invisible opponent

Suddenly became an animal magnet…

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  1. Wow those dogs are having a BLAST! That Ninja dog photo is hysterical!! 😀

    • Ninja dog was epic – such a well timed shot, and just all around what on earth was he trying to do?!

  2. Aussie’s are beautiful dogs. I love Ninja Dog, very cool photo!!

    • The lady who takes most of the pictures at this event has a great sense of timing, and great luck when she’s taking pictures. That one in particular is awesome!

  3. Your ninja dog is quite simply one of the best doggie pictures I have ever seen, Lexy! Fabulous!

  4. Looks like it was a fun time.

    • It’s always great to get a chance to play with a bunch of dogs that play a lot like him – and at the beach is even better.

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