Portal to Adventure

I remember this place! It’s my Camping House!

Soon, we’ll be in the woods. Wait for it….

… well that’s weird. No woods…

I guess maybe we’ll actually have to bring it to the forest first. Grab the car!

Gwynn and most of the family are now officially Camping… I’m sure he’s relieved to find that sometimes going through the trailer door does bring one to the woods.

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  1. Great photos!!

    • I do love having my phone-camera mostly on-hand… it takes surprisingly decent pictures. Technology is sometimes wonderful 🙂

  2. Haha That’s one happy dog! 😀

  3. My wife will enjoy this one; her family had a camper just like this!

    • Handy way to get around… if only it cleaned and packed itself every time you wound it down 😛

  4. Great photos. Glad I found your site and looking forward to following.

  5. LOL I bet he is.

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