Naked Beavers and Stripping

Despite my blatant attempt to garner more interest in my site (not to mention confuse some creepers), my post title is 100% applicable to my post.  Guesses? Anyone?  Bueler?

There is a certain freedom I find when I know the responsibility is about to be shunted to someone else.  I become… reckless.  Irresponsible.  That giddy feeling of knowing someone else will clean up the mess is probably wrong, but it feels so right.

Until Murphy comes out and roundhouse kicks you in the olfactory gland.

Footloose and fancy free, I took Gwynn to the lake for swimming nearly every day this past week.  So what if he smells a bit too much like Lake Ontario?  It’s not my problem.  It’s hers.  A week from now, anyways.

His white socks are distinctly grey because I take him to the lake and then to the dog park?  Meh.  She’ll fix it.  I can put up with a bit more sand around the house for the next few days.

And then I took him to a different beach than usual… less gravelly, more sandy, therefore dirtier, but who cares?  I’m not going to have to clean up this mess.  That was Tuesday.

Gwynn had a blast.  I had a blast.  It was a beautiful day, Gwynn was working up his courage to get four feet off the ground admirably, and I was on the beach in the sun. It was so nice out that I figured walking down the beach would be a great end to the walk.


Did you know that an old enough beaver corpse will lose all of its fur, while retaining its skin in a strangely mummy-like way?  It was like the biggest naked mole rat ever, petrified in a kind of a “BOO” position.  There are no pictures.  There are NO words that fully capture how horrific this thing was.  There is no way I can pass on to you the absolute screaming disgust of watching one’s beloved dog use Jabba the Naked Beaver like a Slip’n’Slide as he tries to coat his entire body with face-first slides, in rotten beaver.

Recall?!  What Recall??

There’s no competing with the Crypt Beaver.

With only a few days before a trip to a professional… I rinsed.  Washing a dog with soap twice in one week doesn’t exactly seem like it’ll solve Gwynn’s itchy skin issues.  What smell doesn’t go away with a good soak-and-towel?  Naked-Mole-Beaver.  Yeah.

Wednesday night, and we’re going to our very first Intro to Agility class, sporting Eau-de-Rodent-Corpse.  Baby powder helped, surprisingly, though it gave his coat a strange and greasy feeling.  That’s ok, though – Babies-n-Beaver is an improvement, and he’s getting groomed on Saturday.

Sufficed to say, it was a long week.It was all made up for, though, when I passed Gwynn off to the beauteous and highly talented Madame Groomer.  She accepted the dog whose stink of corpse was mostly overridden by a few days’ time, baby powder, and returned a svelte and sleek and much nicer smelling replacement.  He smelled better than roses.  He had white patches where his white patches are supposed to be!

The Before:

how could they expect to improve on perfection?

The After!

Well... this might be better... just a bit...

Still not sure where the stripping comes into play?  Gwynn has a wire coat – his outer coat is only loosely connected, and our Groomer Extraordinaire strips that away entirely, pain free, leaving his gorgeously fluffy undercoat.  It shortens his coat without changing its natural texture when the wire coat grows back in, which allows me to grow his coat out long during the winter without it getting ridiculously matted by being too soft and fine.  For all who were web searching for any combination of Naked, Beaver, and Stripping… well… you got ’em!

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19 thoughts on “Naked Beavers and Stripping”

  1. Gwynn looks so handsome with his new cut. He is such a striking looking boy! Who would have “thunk” he was up to such naughty business just days ago, but at least it was not a skunk. I bet he was in his glory! I get my miniature schnauzer, Dash clippered as I do not have the patience for stripping. The old saying in the dog world is that stripping needs a “strong arm and weak mind.” That is just because it takes so long to do on the terriers. Let us know how agility goes. I showed my rat terrier in fun matches and am thinking of showing Dash as he gets older.

    1. Stripping definitely takes time – my groomer took 6 hours the first time, less this time (but not by much). it turns out so beautifully, though.

  2. He’s such a pretty boy… I can’t wait to be home and can give a hug to him! (and you of course :P)
    The beaver sounds gross, and I’ve seen something similar to what you’re speaking of, so I don’t even need the picture you didn’t take of the horror… But I didn’t see how it (I think it was a raccoon) smeared.
    I bet walking home was fun… You didn’t mention meeting anyone, but what an adventure THAT would have been 🙂

    1. I mean, to mention… That conversation that they want to hear but also want to walk away from before the smell sticks…
      That’s another thing. I didn’t get to smell it.

  3. I feel your pain. Our lab once rolled in a beaver slide. That’s what beavers make on the land alongside the water so that when they cut down a tree it’s easier to pull into the water. They use the same oil to make it that they secret for their skin to keep them waterproof. It’s vile. I assure you, they smell no better alive than dead and neither does the dog.

    Thanks for visiting my blog. I’m enjoying yours.

    1. ugh… that sounds super unappealing! Gwynn’s beaver corpse was disgusting and fur-less, but I assumed the smell was largely due to the dead-factor, not just htat beavers are stinky creatures.
      thanks for visiting, too 🙂

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