Wordless Wednesday – Adventure

what a strange circle of rocks... must be some sort of teleportation device...

Off to explore this new dimension... I hope there's bacon

the rocks here are much bigger... and disappointingly not made of cheese

Great view, but not really different from home. Oh well... to the portal!

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  1. New format looks great 🙂
    I love your wordless wednesdays 😀 Was this the trip that ended with Gwynn rolling in dead beaver?

    • Thanks 🙂 and NO. I chose to not take pictures of the disgusting all-the-fur-has-melted-away beaver, and focused more on the get-dog-home-wash-him-and-coat-him-in-baby-powder-and-cedar-oil-dear-god-why-won’t-the-smell-go-away?! aspect on tuesday. I chose different pictures on wednesday, pictures of a time before Gwynn’s hair did that weird feels-greasy thing, possibly a side-effect of the baby powder, and before he chose to slip-and-slide down a beaver corpse-belly. *shudder*

  2. LOL! Fun interpretation of great photos! 🙂

    • thanks 🙂 I have too much fun figuring out what Gwynn is thinking when I make him pose places

  3. Kristine

     /  April 18, 2012

    I love that top photo. He looks like he is smiling! I am so glad you could get out to explore on such a sunny day!

    • even when I’m making him stop for photos, he loves a good park-romp 🙂

  4. Oh Gwynn….you are so adorable!

  5. Beam me up. There’s no intelligent life here.

  6. Fabulous pics! Looks like a fun adventure.

  7. What an adventure despite the lack of treats. 🙂 Great pictures and it looks different here too. 😉

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