Wordless Wednesday – spring has sprung!

feel that breeze!

smell those flowers!

and look at that view!


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  1. XD This is awesome 😛

  2. Dog in paradise!! 🙂

  3. Sweetness (Also much cuter than when I decide to roll in the grass in the front yard, I might add).
    P.S. Checked my little bloggy PO Box yesterday and found quite the happy surprise 🙂 You and Gwynn sure are fancy! Thanks so much for sending some love for the ribbon wall!

    • I don’t know – maybe with your new 50000 styles dress? you could pull off some rolling in the garden, I’m sure 😉
      I’m so glad you got it! I figured you’d appreciate some ridiculousness as your wedding day approaches – though seriously… don’t be alarmed, but we have a full dance routine planned out for your wedding. You’re going to be invaded, just accept it 😀

  4. Pretty! Our spring has turned freezing…

    • Our nice early warm weather is gone, but it’s still warm enough out for the flowers, and to enjoy the outdoors.

  5. Spring is awesome! It looks like Gwynn is enjoying it!

    • I love all the flowers – especially the ones that grow up in the grass like that. given my choice, i’d just have a lawn of wildflowers, no grass necessary 🙂

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