I very briefly mentioned the possibility of Sadie being rehomed in my previous post.  It’s been about a week since her owners first brought it up with me (via text), and I’m out of that weepy/murderous/relieved phase of emotions that wells up at the thought of them getting rid of her.  Enough that I can talk about it, at any rate.

I lie.

I just wrote out the most vitriolic post, and I’m not going to post it.  Suffice to say, Sadie’s owners make me SO ANGRY.

a dog with a great recall, despite the fact that it is practiced only twice a week.

A very shortened version of the list of their crimes:

They don’t: walk her (at all), have her fixed*, train her, socialize her, trim her nails, feed her decent quality food, know how lucky they are to have such an amazingly sweet tempered dog in spite of themselves.

I suspect they don’t: keep her up to date on all her shots, love her.

I suspect they do: hit her.  I know you should focus on a dog in the ‘here and now’, but I don’t pet her on the top of her head, because even the gentlest approaching hand in the above/side of head region causes her to flinch down.

They do: want to breed her (probably with the idea of making money, because they are stupid), have a 15(ish) year old son, but choose instead to pay me (barely) to walk her.  I suspect he would have preferred a ‘tougher’ looking breed.

They are considering getting rid of her.  They think youngest son’s asthma could be increased by Sadie (as opposed to the two long haired cats in the house that require less time/money/energy to maintain in good health… interesting**), and, while they’re still unsure of it, let me know this.

SO full of making-you-allergic, it explodes out my ears!

I want to tell them that it must be Sadie that’s causing their son’s breathing issues.  Whatever excuse for her to not live with them.  I want to tell them, not a problem, just give her to me.  I want to be sure that in their next lives, they are treated just the way they treated Sadie, but I can only hope.  I want to take her home and get her fixed and teach her that getting her nails cut isn’t too bad, and teach her to ‘down’ and ‘stay’ and ‘leave it’ and ‘play dead’, and not go on the couch, and get rid of her food guarding, and maybe do some agility with her, because she’s super smart.

I live with my parents, and my dad is about to go in for a knee replacement surgery.  They might love having Gwynn, but they aren’t interested in being a two-dog household.  I would love to take her, but the best I can do for her is try to find a good home for her, and, if necessary, keep her for a few weeks (and training her a lot!) while looking for that home.

Yup, definitely not out of the weepy/angry phase… relief might come back into play once they determine once and for all that they’re going to get rid of her.

*this is not a comment on all people whose dogs are unfixed, or who intend to breed their dogs, this is a comment on irresponsible, stupid jerks who see their dog as a possession they can make a profit off, instead of a living creature and part of the family.

** I like cats a lot, don’t get me wrong.  But in the grand scheme of allergens, cats are generally higher on that scale solely due to their cleanliness.  All that allergen-filled saliva-bathing does a number on your sinuses.

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  1. Elise

     /  March 27, 2012

    She’s lucky to have you on her side, I hope you can find her a new home. Makes you wish for reincarnation and the justice it will surely deliver to those jerk owners.

    • I’m really hoping that “What goes around comes around” is a legitimate ‘thing’…

  2. Lance

     /  March 27, 2012

    She’s gorgeous. She’s lucky to have such a good mommy.

    • If only I could just keep her, but yeah – whatever lab mix she is, it’s a pretty one 🙂

  3. I am so sorry that Sadie is going through a horrible time. I hope the awful, ignorant people surrender her to you and that you are able to find her a loving, forever home.

  4. So sad. I don’t understand people like that at all. I think it’s wonderful that you’re advocating for her. Too many unwanted, neglected animals don’t have anyone speaking for them, and the outcome is always awful. I really do hope they give her up and you find a truly loving home for her. She looks and sounds like a wonderful companion.

    • It’s definitely frustrating – not all neglect looks like those sad abused animals on commercials advocating for animals… sometimes it’s a relatively healthy dog that gets none of what she needs to live a happy life.

  5. I can only hope that people who mistreat animals will suffer terribly either in hell, via karma, or in another life. Whatever is out there spiritually I hope it keeps tabs on people like this.

    Thankfully there are people like you though to balance it all out…

    • that’s sweet, thanks 🙂 I’d really like to believe that you reap what you sow in the long run, but I guess it’s mostly out of my control.

  6. What a rough position you are in! Yikes. i don’t know what I would do other than to subtly encourage them to let you help them find Sadie a new home. She sounds like she’d be a total sweetheart in the right home with people who care about and love her. That awesome recall is an instant sell for me already!

    I hope Sadie’s life improves soon. I do know that hiring you to walk her was at least one positive thing they have done for her. Hopefully this trend will continue and they will make the right decision for everyone, either by educating themselves and treating her better, or by giving her to someone who will.

    • The recall is great – she’s kind of been my test-subject for dog training, since I walked her for about a year and a half before getting Gwynn. Too bad Gwynn’s recall isn’t as good as hers yet!
      Unfortunately, they seem to have decided that two walks a week by someone other than themselves is all it takes to give her a good enough life… I don’t foresee them educating themselves. The frustrating thing is that if it’s a cost issue, the City offers dog training courses – 75 dollars for an 8 week course, quite near, and the instructor is very friendly and helpful. Less than 10/hour long class, and I took it twice with Gwynn – the most dogs we had in the class was 10, and that was only the first two weeks (people always drop this type of class, it seems).

  7. I am going to miss Sadie so much, but I am so relieved that she will no longer have to put up with that family…
    Though it would mean another dog to walk/train, I feel like they are stupid enough to think that getting a hypoallergenic dog would be better… a Sadie 2.0…
    >:[ They piss me off…

    • We’ll see… they’re currently ‘unsure’ about if it’s sadie or the cats that is the asthma problem. tempting to say, “oh, yeah, definitely Sadie… always the dog”. If they get another dog, I’m not participating in it. I can’t get attached to another dog they’re going to ignore and not take care of properly.

      • 😦 I know… but if they do get another dog, it’s likely to be a poodle of some sort… get that allergy problem out of the way :[
        Sadness for pets in their house :C

  8. Wish we could take her!

    Some people are just not meant to have a dog. In fact it sounds like these people shouldn’t really even have cats.

    That last picture is great! I laughed out loud.

    • required testing before being given a pet… it seems like a great idea.
      Her ears are ridiculous… I think whatever is in her mix must have upright ears because every once in a while, the wind catches them just right, and she’s suddenly on high-alert, ear-wise 😛

  9. I’m crying just reading this. I want to say, let me take her and give her what she deserves.

    Having you on her side is such a blessing Lexy. I hope you can find a good home for her.

    • It’s been kind of upsetting, dealing with it all, unfortunately. But hopefully yes, i’ll find her a good home and hear from them on occasion about what a kickass dog they got 🙂

  10. So they are thinking of breeding a lab mix to make money? I suppose they won’t be doing any screening tests before breeding either. Like their aren’t enough full blood labs bred with no health clearances. I hope Sadie’s life improves.

    • I don’t think they understand at all how much work/money/planning goes into breeding dogs. Much as I love the idea of puppies being in my job description… after they’re born, it’s tests and shots and vet trips and making sure they get properly socialized and… the list goes on. it isn’t like the entire job of a breeder consists of cuddle time and ‘reeling in the cash’.

  11. I’ll never understand how some people can be so clueless!
    Good luck with this situation.

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