What’s up, Doc?

I was talking about dogs with my doctor the other day, possibly the least awkward conversation I could have with the woman who not only helped my mom give birth to me, but has seen me naked numerous times since then.

I started the conversation by asking whether someone with asthma could be allergy tested to determine if it is the cat or the dog of the house that is affecting their asthma.  As someone firmly in the dog-lover camp (she was a dachshund breeder for a number of years), she assured me it was almost guaranteed to be the cat, but that, yes, there are allergy tests for that.  The same tests, in fact, that confirmed that Doodle is somewhat allergic to dogs, very allergic to cats, extremely allergic to hamsters, and hazardously allergic to Yellow Jackets (the bee, not the fashion accessory – those, I found out in my last daytime-TV viewing session, are ‘in’ this season, in case you were wondering, and unlikely to cause Doodle to be asphyxiated), in a ‘carry around an epipen’ kind of way.

On a side-note, and with no further proof than that my doctor told me so, apparently darker coloured cats are higher in allergen.  This wasn’t a valid enough argument for me getting a fluffy white evil-mastermind cat, according to my parents.  I was going to name him Moriarty.

As we continued talking, I mentioned wishing that I could adopt a certain blonde dog, whose owners might possibly be considering getting rid of her, due to youngest child’s asthma.  Whether it’s actually the asthma that’s making them decide this, or the fact that it’s been two weeks since I’ve walked the poor thing due to ankle issues, and she might just be a whirling dervish by now, I don’t know.  More on that drama later.  It would, however, require me to get my own place in quite short order, since my parents aren’t interested in a second dog, let alone a first.

Blonde? Moi?

My doctor was a bit surprised.  Are you going to take Gwynn with you when you move out?

Well… yes.  He’s my dog.  (side note:  it is amazing how many times I’ve had that question asked of me… people seem genuinely surprised at the idea of the person who walks, feeds, grooms, takes to vet, pays for all aspects of doggy ownership, and vacuums up the mini-Gwynn tumbleweeds would be the one to keep the dog when she moves out.)

Your parents are really going to miss him.

This is when I found out that the last time my dad was in, he took advantage of using this least-awkward-conversation-topic, too.  He spent his last checkup showing the doctor pictures of a certain orange fluffy grandchild.

Added to the times I’ve approached the kitchen and stopped out of sight to listen to my Dad’s conversations with Gwynn (are you a good boy?  You are a good boy.  You get cheese!  Good boy!  Good dogs like you get cheese!  … or whatever food he happens to be chopping, if it’s dog-safe ), my dad’s rep as ‘not a dog person’ is pretty much toast.

Well, now we know who the favourite is.

a very old picture of 'the favourite'

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  1. Yes, my mother was opposed to Sampson too. (We lived in a duplex that she owned) but she quickly outgrew it. 🙂

    • Aww, no one could resist Sampson’s charms. He just has to grin his adorable grin and howl, and you’re sold!

  2. That’s a tough one, but maybe you and your parents could work out some sort of co-parenting arrangement 🙂

    • hah – they get him every other weeekend and holidays 😀 I think, at the very least, I’ve got some guaranteed dogsitters 😛

  3. Hahaha I get the same reaction from inquiring minds: you do everything – she’s yours-yours?

    why, yes. 🙂

    Ah… second-dog land… can’t waitttt…

  4. Lance

     /  March 26, 2012

    My wife works at an animal clinic. She and I joke about “animal people” versus well, others. We call our 6-year-old golden retriever our son. We call our 11-month old kitten our daughter. They’re treated better than our 3 daughters, sometimes. when they get sick or hurt, there is no “well, how much does it cost” discussions. You don’t want to know our vet bills.

    good post

    • Vet bills are ridiculous. Just going in ends up dinging us more than 100 dollars, and I am as paranoid about my dog’s health as a first time parent, so he’s seen the vet a few times.
      Non-animal people definitely don’t ‘get’ it. It’s probably similar to how I don’t ‘get’ the having kids thing, from the outside perspective of not having them, while my friends are starting to have babies.

  5. Until he’s out of the house (and probably for a good while after that) Gwynn is also my dog 😀
    It doesn’t matter that I am currently out of the house that he resides in. 😀
    Getting a cat and calling him Moriarty would be awesome, but until you do it first, I am looking forward to having pets with names like Sherlock, Moriarty, Jim, John, Mycroft… The whole shebang 😀
    I still find it strange that the allergy test said cats, dogs, and hamsters…
    Also, tell mom I’m not evil for liking Andrew Scott (Moriarty). She asked me if I liked Voldemort as well O_O

    • he can be your dog too… you can house-sit for me whenever you want 😉 or, for that matter, feel free to show up at my house at 6 am and take Gwynn out for a walk!

      • Or, you know, come and raid you house for doggy time and for food 😀 You know you’re going to hide bulk Barn stuff all over the house… JU JUBES!

  6. Oh I bet your Dad will miss him. 🙂

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