Wordless Wednesday

There’s nothing sloppier, slipperier, floppier,

There’s nothing slickier, stickier, thickier,

There’s nothing quickier to make grown-ups sickier,

 Trulier coolier,

Than wonderful mud

                Zilpha Keatley Snyder

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  1. Silly dog. What makes him want to roll in that stuff anyway? LOL

    • What? rolling in the grass doesn’t seem like a great thing to do after wading into a pondful of black, stinky mud? 😛

  2. Hooray for mud!

    the brown dawgs

    • It is the most fun thing 🙂 Though I’m sure Gwynn was less impressed by the bath he got when we got home – He stank of rotting SO badly! Why oh why does it have to be swamp-mud?

  3. lol, does he still try to cuddle up to your legs when he’ this muddy?
    looks awesome, is Toronto still tropical?(comparatively?)

    • He and the other dog we were with ran between two random people walking down the beach later that day… How many times does one apologize to the guy out for a walk with his girlfriend who now has a wet muddy shmear down the side of his leg? Too many to count.

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