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This week on Red Writing Hood we were told to listen to the songs that were top of the chart on the day of our birth and let them inspire us in 300 words or less.

These are the songs I got with my birthday

UK – Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now – Starship

US – (I Just) Died In Your Arms – Cutting Crew (this one, I picked… mostly because I recognised it most out of this and the UK top song.  It also suits the mopey mood in which we find our character.  )

Australia – Boom Boom (Let’s Go Back To My Room) – Paul Lekakis (seriously? no.  Just… no.  Australia, you had weird taste in music in 1987.  I forgive you, though, because you brought us a ton of other, much better music, according to wikipedia.)

This is a continuation of The Necessary, right after This piece.

If you want to read in order of how it would go if it were in a book, it’s this, this, this, this, and then the story below.  Because writing things in order is far too practical an idea!

Check out the other responses, or join in yourself at Write on Edge.

wow, now that's some impressive hair.

“I love that song.”

I yelped in surprise at finding the boy from the club so close.  The purple and silver scrollwork of tattoos up the side of his face was even more surreal in daylight.

I tugged my ear buds out by the cord and stepped back.


He flashed his wickedly sharp teeth in a grin and sang, “Oh I, I just died in your arms tonight.”

I didn’t say anything, just twisted my headphone cord around my fingers.  He was cute enough, in a punkish way, but his smile brought to mind piranhas.  He was definitely Joanna’s type.

“We haven’t been properly introduced,” he held out his hand, and I accepted it reluctantly.  “Ren.  We nearly met last Thursday.”

I tugged my hand out of his over-warm grip.  I was sure he wanted me to ask about his hearing, but I’d met enough Necessarians that it really wasn’t all that surprising to meet a guy with pointed ears and bat-like hearing.

Ren tugged at a charm suspended from the silver wire spiraling up the side of his ear, head cocked expectantly.

I was tired.  Coming here didn’t feel the same without Joanna, didn’t have that same sense of adventure and wild abandon.  Ren’s presence was a reminder of last week’s fight, salt on the open wound of my dead friendship.

I walked away.  I did my best to pretend he wasn’t there when Ren fell into step beside me.

“I saw Cutting Crew play live in ‘81 – great concert.”

“They weren’t even around until 1985.”  I glared at him, taking in his youthful features, his torn jeans and Converse and added, “and you couldn’t possibly have been around at that time.”

“She speaks!  And she knows her music history.”

I fought a smile.


“I know.”

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  1. I’m really intrigued to read the finished piece and it doesn’t matter in which order you write it as long at you keep writing!!

    It’s coming along really well!

  2. Lance

     /  March 9, 2012

    I like the description of his tattoos. You did a good job of making me want to read more. I liked this.

    • the idea of getting a tattoo kind of terrifies me (needles?!), but I love the idea of them, especially in characters in books and movies. Glad you’re enjoying it!

      • Lance

         /  March 12, 2012

        i have 8 tattoos. I think I;m done. I love them. On women, they can be very sexy.

        love the piece

        • fair enough. I’ve heard from quite a few people that it’s almost addictive. I am unlikely to ever get one almost solely based on the nausea that rises within me at the thought of voluntary needle-getting. Even if it isn’t the same as getting a needle, and even if I could picture what I would want on me forever.

  3. Nicely done – good dialogue! It established a sense of the relationship between these two characters. looking forward to more!

    Barbara, www(dot)derebus(dot)net/home, via Write On Edge

  4. love that she tugged her hand back. I’ve done that. This is a great scene. Ready for more!

    • So many people who don’t know how to shake hands properly, lol. If it isn’t the aggressively crushing grip or the floppy fish hand, it’s the awkwardly long hold. They should teach this stuff in school!

  5. This is very well written, from the piranhas to the dead friendship. Coming in cold on this, I find a great deal I don’t understand, and all of it intriguing. Nicely done!

    • thanks! There are links to the other parts of the story in order (though there are gaps within the storyline as well.), if you’re interested in reading a bit more.

  6. Great story! I have to be honest and tell you that the pic with the gnarly hair is what made me click on yours over at Write on Edge.

  7. Ooohh, so do Necessarian’s age slower? I assume Cutting Crew ‘cut their musical teeth’ in Necessary-land? You know, that could REALLY explain the hair!

    • I’m not sure yet, really. I always find it a little bit awkward to read any kind of romance (*cough, twilight) in which one character is young, and hte other one is, like, a century or older. I was thinking he might just have lied about it all – after all, he purposely got the years wrong for when Cutting Crew were around. lol, ‘cut their musical teeth’… love plays on words 🙂

  8. Aw 😛
    This seems promising… you going to try to continue it? Even in another writing workshop thingy?

    • I’ve got a few other pieces from the same story – you should read them 🙂 and yeah, definitely trying to continue it.

  9. This has me completely hooked. I’m terrified for Charlotte every time she comes here. Each new aspect of the world seems to offer some new terror.

    But I can’t tell. I didn’t get from How Dull that she and Joanna were kind of quits. Did something happen in the interim, or did I miss something (with the latter being not only possible but probable given that i’m often reading with a howler monkey hooting in one ear and a duck quacking in the other).

    • lol, that would complicate the reading process – ducks and howler monkeys, it’s a miracle you can even focus enough to read!
      I’ve been kind of jumping back and forth. This one would be right after the piece titled “Enough”, in which Joanna tricks Charlotte into coming out to Necessary to ‘rescue’ her, only to find that Joanna just wanted her to come party with her. How Dull would be much earlier in the plot, when they’re just learning about Necessary.
      Glad you’re enjoying it 🙂

  10. Hopefully we will have more this week. 🙂 (One advantage to always being behind.)

  11. Damn…those songs were popular the year I graduated from high school. I’m suddenly feeling old now, thank you very much!!

    • Even “Boom Boom”? Because, really, that was not a good song. I’m hoping you had better taste than that in high school 🙂
      Don’t worry – i’ve been feeling old lately too – my baby sister just turned 19, and I could have sworn she was still 8.

      • Boom boom boom, let’s go back to my room. Ugh. Yes, even that one. And don’t worry – I didn’t like the song. I’m a rock ‘n roll guy. Grunge came along and everything was right with the world!

        • I had had this vision of getting ‘the Clash’, or the police, or something as my bday top song, but I guess I was born on the wrong day.

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