Wordless Wednesday – a small piece of happy

The stuffed camel who guards my work computer, my Hungry Hungry Caterpillar mug, and some immensely tasty bamboo shoot green tea.  Maybe I can make it through to friday after all!

What’s your small piece of happy in the midst of chaos and exhaustion?

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  1. Loose-leaf tea at work… nice! Perhaps I should adopt that to get me through, too.

    • I love the different flavors of loose leaf tea – at work, it just means my ‘coffee break’ is stretched out a bit to get everything prepped.

  2. lol, the camel! I’m glad it’s brightening your workspace then 😛
    Will send Mom and Dad back with tea… want more of the Bamboo stuff? Or did you want something else?

  3. I love that mug! The camel is too funny:)

    • It’s a running joke in my family – “what do you want for (birthday/xmas/etc)?” answer “A camel.” This time my sister actually came through with it 🙂

  4. Well it used to be a walk….LOL but you’ve heard that story!

    I do love a hot cup of tea and a good piece of chocolate, that usually makes me feel better. 🙂

    • yum, the chocolate definitely improves the tea. Or, chocolate tea, which is delicious, though unfortunately doesn’t taste quite as chocolatey as it smells.

  5. Wait! Wait! There’s a huge safety pin in your mug – be careful!

  6. A letter from one of my students that has a picture she drew of me, and says, “I love you.” That’s my small piece of happy.

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