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On Wednesday this week, I posted, mostly wordlessly, a picture of Gwynn from last winter.  Last winter, we had snow.  Of the variety that sticks around longer than a segment-of-day (you know – morning, or afternoon, or evening, or night.  It would last more than a single one of those).  That isn’t even remotely what we’re getting this winter.

I drove home from work in the rain (because the average temperature this winter has been closer to 5 degrees Celsius), took the dog for a walk in a muddy, muddy world, took some pictures of Gwynn + water

what my so-called winter actually looks like this year, a picture from this Wednesday's walk

Continued down the path, and saw this:

Do you see it? Out by the point? Little black dots in the water?

At first, I thought, “Ducks”

Then, I thought, “holy cow, really big ducks”

Then I thought, “Oh NO, there’s someone in the water, HELP, HELP! Someone’s in the water, call the police!”

And then I realised that they (multiple people) were in the water on purpose.

They were in the water on purpose, because they were surfing.

Surfing… in Lake Ontario… in FEBRUARY.

People surf in Lake Ontario?  People surf in the winter?  People surf at the park at the foot of my street? What?!

A whole flock of water-ninjas, dressed in full heavy-duty wetsuits, complete with water-ninja balaclava.


This winter might suck for cross-country skiers such as myself, but, according to the water ninja I spoke to on Wednesday, it’s been a great winter for Canadian Surfers in the Lake Ontario area.

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  1. Unbelievable, surfing in March, brrrrr A season for every sport enthusiast is always available.

    Today in A2 we have wind gusts up to 50 mph, but no snow. Neither dog wants to walk, so we will have some energetic dogs by the end of the day.

    • I can’t even imagine being in the lake in that kind of weather. It might not be quite as cold a winter as we usually get, but it was certainly too cold to go for a swim!

  2. HAHA I understand how many people including yourself miss our usual winter. But I have to say I quite enjoyed the mild winter. It was a gift to be able to bike outdoors in January; while still squeezing in some XC-skiing up North.

    • It’s true, all the cyclists are still on the streets. Definitely one advantage of this mild temperature – and I guess another is that the ontarian surfers can get their surf on.

  3. February surfing – that is ridiculous. Winter in Alberta has been equally bizarre. I don’t miss -30, but I do miss snow (or, more specifically, I dislike months of mud).

    • We’re getting the months of mud as well… it is brutal. Gwynn has been getting rinsed off nearly every other day, because his fur sponges up mud like there’s no tomorrow. I can’t even imagine how you’re keeping your guys (and your house) relatively clean. Hopefully they’re willing to put up with a bathtub or solid towelling.

      • Well, no baths take place in the house (too stinky), but they’re fine having their paws wiped. Actually, being water dogs, their oil coat doesn’t retain as much muck as you’d think. And beind in Calgary kind of helps, because the Chinooks dry up the mud after a day or two.
        Of course, after all this talk, it’s been a constant blizzard all day today so… here we go again.

  4. I have to say that your pic of Gwynn next to the water is REALLY good.
    Like, Really really good 😛
    And I would like you to send it to me 😛
    Also, surfers are ridiculous if they even think of swimming in Lake Ontario, waves or not.
    Did the surfer you talked to have any extra appendages?

    • it turned out really well, eh? and from my phone, too! I’ll email it to you 🙂
      surprisingly, no – or if he did, they were strapped down underneath his super hardcore ninja wetsuit.

  5. BRRR.. that must have been freezing for those people! I’ve actually really enjoyed the milder winter we have had 🙂

    • It would definitely be an advantage for getting to and from classes without freezing off any important bits 😛 I went to western (ie, middle of the snow-belt in Ontario), so yeah, I would have appreciated fewer snow-up-to-knees walks through campus! The extra dog-bathing time isn’t so much fun, though.

  6. Well now I have learned something new. I never knew people surfed in the Great Lakes. 😆

    • I would never have guessed it. I knew people surfed in the ocean near Canada, but wouldn’t have thought the waves would ever be big enough in Ontario!

  7. My Texas-warmed-blood is just cold thinking about it…

    • yeah, even without that kind of warmth on a regular basis, I was horrified/fascinated by people in the cold, cold water in winter.

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