I’m ‘It’!

The two brown dawgs tagged me.  I didn’t even know we were playing a game, and already, I’m it!  It’s just like that time in grade school when So-and-So slapped me on the shoulder when we were all headed out to recess and shouted, “Tag! You’re it!” and ran off, laughing.  Only this didn’t involve anyone hitting me (a plus!), and I don’t have to run after a bunch of taller, more athletic (and longer legged) people (another plus!).

On to the questions!

Describe yourself in 7 words

Gwynn: chill, happy, foodie, bouncy, loving, adventurous, shaggy

Lexy: honest, quiet, paranoid, adventurous, easy-going… not good at self evaluation

 What keeps you up at night?

Gwynn: people moving around who aren’t supposed to be, ice cracking on a lake, mysterious noises in the hall of a hotel, things moving around outside the tent.

Lexy: Gwynn – jumping up onto the bed or barking his crazy brains out when we’re camping or travelling, and he hears an unusual noise.

Who would you like to be?

Gwynn: The guardian of the cheese.  Just leave it with me, I’ll take care of it.

Lexy: a morning person.  I would like to wake up naturally, stretch and then sit up in bed (all without any kind of alarm having gone off), sometime around 6am every morning, and feel like, “yes, this is a good time to be alive/awake/functional, I should go out and do things.  Hurrah for morning.”  That, or independently wealthy – then I could hire a morning person.

What are you wearing right now?

Gwynn: The snazzy leather collar I got for Hogswatch this year.

Lexy: Work clothes.

 What scares you

Gwynn: People coming to the door, mysterious things on lawns along our walk that weren’t there yesterday.

Lexy: All the things that could go wrong.  The mysterious changes in Gwynn’s behaviour that prompt google-searches and paranoia about tumors, stomach-twist, food poisoning, and a variety of other potentially lethal doggy illnesses.

The best and worst of blogging

Gwynn: The best: the guilt – she stresses out over the time she spends not with me, and tries to spend much more time with me after that!

The worst: All the not-for-me cooking she does after reading food blogs.

Lexy: The best?  “Meeting” so many people and reading all the funny/witty/informative/impassioned/heartfelt things they have to say.

The worst – the guilt.  Sitting at the computer when I could be playing with Gwynn gives me guilt.

 The last website I visited

Pinterest… because, yes, I took a break from writing my answers to look at cute animal pictures, food porn and architecture.  Before that, though, the Two Brown Dawgs blog to get the questions!

 What is the one thing I would change about myself?

Gwynn – thumbs.  Thumbs would be handy for opening the peanut butter jar on my own.

Lexy – Become less addicted to tv.  How is it that I can sit down for half an hour and find that three hours have passed?  Seriously?!

Slankets yes or no?

No.  Just… no.  putting on a sweater seems simpler, and makes you look less like you’ve joined some sort of weird pastel-robed cult.  Grape juice, anyone?

Tell us something about the dog that tagged you?

Thunder, Storm and Freighter are a pretty epic threesome of brown dawgs (aka Chessies).  They (well, not Freighter, yet… he’s busy growing up and being adorable) hunt and do hunt training.  These dogs are trained so well, it blows my mind.  I’ve tried explaining some of the simpler concepts to Gwynn (Go get that ball.  The only one out there – I just threw it right there!  You ran up and sniffed it, yes, that one.  Go get it!  Please?!), but he just doesn’t seem to find the same interest as they do.  Maybe it’s something to do with the fact that sometimes it’s a bumper and sometimes it’s a duck that they retrieve.  That would certainly be more exciting, though my neighbours might complain.  Their blog tells stories about their adventures in hunting, hunt tests and hunt training, having a new puppy, and life with three great dogs.

 Tag 8:

Rescued Insanity

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Tricks for treats

Success just Clicks 

Blue Speckled Pup

You did What with your Weiner?

Well… that was 6.  We’ll leave it at that.  This part of games is always hard!

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  1. I just knew I would enjoy your answers. 🙂 Also, thanks for the kind words about our doggies. I assure you, if you saw some of the dogs we train with, you would see the brown dawgs still need a ton of work! As for getting up at 6 am on your own and being ready for the day, just wait. That comes with age, whether you want it or not…lol.

    1. hah, it’s true – my dad is up at 5:30 every day, weekends and illness included. As long as I could feel well-rested, though, I wouldn’t complain!

  2. This was great! I’ve just popped over via your comment at “Coming East” and it took me a bit to figure out just who was speaking and what was being spoken about. Hope to get a better overview (as soon as I get the time to read more of your postings and some of your faves)
    Thanks for a good laugh: ), D.

    1. Welcome! Just to clear some things up – Gwynn is a dog, not a thumbless, cheese obsessed person, lol. hope you enjoy the posts you read!

    1. thanks 🙂 If you feel the urge, you could answer the questions too! I can’t even think of what Wonderbutt’s answers might be, but i bet they’d leave me snorting 🙂

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