Maple Smoked

Hope you’re all having a great friday!  If you want an even better one, head over to Write on Edge to submit or read the posts submitted for this week’s Red Writing Hood prompt.

The prompt was to write a piece, 400 words or less, based on a mouthwatering photo of a BLT that they provided.

I seriously want to go home right now and fry up some bacon, and I haven’t even started reading everyone elses submissions.


“What do you mean, men are the only ones to make big romantic gestures?” I’d asked. 

He leaned back, smirking, and replied, “The romantic gestures that women make are still geared towards women.  Do you really think that a guy’s idea of an amazing evening involves rose petals, vanilla candles, and a rom-com?  We do that because we know you like it.  You do that because you like it.  Women don’t know how to romance a guy.”

Double. Dog. Dare. 

What else could I do but prove him wrong? 

Stores were full of pink and red and sparkle.  Stupid Hallmark.

By Tuesday afternoon, I was a nervous wreck.

I showed up at his door, bundled up and holding a black silk blindfold.  The half-amused, cocky expression on his face was one I hoped to wipe away by the end of the night.

45 minutes later, I took the blindfold off him.  His first view was of a blurry bouquet of roses.

I handed him his glasses and his eyes widened in surprise.


“Let’s get inside.”

He looked bemused, finally noticing that we were parked outside his house.

“You’ve got time to change into sweats, if you want.  Game starts soon.”

Settled on the couch a bit later, I whipped the lid off the covered tray with a flourish and a smile.  He’ll never know what hit him.

“Ta Daaaa!”  I win at valentines!

He stared at the two BLT’s on the platter, the bread toasted to perfection, the bacon practically still sizzling from the pan.  It was as perfect a BLT as I could make.  He didn’t say a word.

Shit! I should have gone for more romance, less nostalgia.  He probably doesn’t even remember this!

“Hah!  That was the best night!” He grinned, squeezed me tight before taking a big bite of his sandwich.  He groaned happily at the taste, licked at a drip of mayo and grabbed the remote.  “What channel’s the game on?”

I snatched it out of his hand and flipped on the DVD player.  “We’ll watch the recap later.  The ‘game’ is what we’ll tell people we watched.  The Notebook is what we’ll actually watch, because it’s your favourite.  I don’t get it, but I love you, so I love watching it with you.”

His kiss tasted of maple smoked bacon.  How the hell am I going to top this next year?

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27 thoughts on “Maple Smoked”

  1. This is really sweet and what a great job at creating a “bromance”

    ON a side note: I love that you picked The Notebook. My husband saw it for the first time last night and it has become one of his favorites.

    Great job on the prompt!

  2. Of course I can say that because I AM that kind of woman. I’m the one that goes to the store and picks up a sledge hammer because he mentioned he wanted one.

    So tell me, how do you come up with these? Do they just pop into your head? Did you see the bacon flowers and base your theme around that or did you write the piece and then look for the bacon flowers?

    1. I saw the bacon flowers on pinterest, and kind of fell in love with them. Then it was just a case of including them somehow. And I figured that, since I so completely ignored valentines day in the leading-up and day-of, I might as well include that.
      My parents get each other power tools for their anniversary, and spend hours planning renovations or home-repair that would validate purchasing something new and handy. It isn’t quite the standard “a rose for every reason I love you”, but romantic nonetheless.

  3. I have never seen bacon flowers in my life! But, truth be told, I’m thinking I’m the majority on that. It’s true, I think. Our ideas of romance are sooo different from theirs. My husband would have been in hog heaven. I wonder if you can make hot wing flowers??? 😉

  4. Okay, so I’m with Jen. I have NEVER seen a bacon bud bouquet. That’s awesome.
    I loved the story. However, the last part threw me off. Are you saying she’s a sports fan but he’s not so she’ll watch “The Notebook” with him? If so, that’s a cool role reversal twist. I

    1. I don’t think I was aiming for her to be a sports-fan, though she could be. The original way-over-word-limit involved her calling the start of a hockey game the ‘kickoff’. She doesn’t like the Notebook, though, at least in part because I really really dislike that movie. I know a lot of guys who do like it, though, so it made sense for it to be his ‘dirty little secret’ chick-flick, especially since he used the example of watching a chick-flick as not romantic to guys.

  5. Um… do you know my husband? If I had done this for him I would have won at Valentines. I am honestly going to do this next year. I never never use Bacon, maybe turkey bacon, which he hates. He would have been so surprised. You made me laugh because my husband likes the Notebook and I hate it. Great job!

    1. Haha, well I won’t ruin the surprise for next year if I ever do meet him 😉
      I was so, SO disappointed by turkey bacon. It looks, in theory, like it ought to be good. It isn’t. Probably because turkeys don’t have a … bacon section. I’m glad I’m not the only woman who doesn’t like the Notebook. I usually get treated like I might be a plague-carrier when I mention my dislike of it. Or a rundown of why I ought to love the movie.

  6. What a great idea! Those bacon roses look pretty darn good. I think I’d like this Valentine treat! Treating the fella to his favorites is brilliant!

  7. Hahaha! This is awesome, funny and sweet without being corny. You have some serious talent! It’s been forever since I wrote fiction and I don’t think I ever got the hang of it. Good job!

    Yum… Bacon…

    1. Thanks! Anything romantic around valentines tends towards corny, no matter what you do, so i’m glad I mostly dodged that. I find fiction is so much more entertaining than real life. or at least, my real life!

    1. It could become the next big thing – meat-themed signs of affection 🙂 “A valentines’ card for you, made of striploin and ready to barbeque”, “Nothing says love like chocolate, except maybe bacon, which is why I got you chocolate coated bacon”

  8. This reminded me of advice an instructor jokingly gave to my class – Valentines day is for women – Super bowl Sunday is Valentiens for guys. Great way to take a different spin not only on Valentines but also highlighting the BLT. The bacon roses were a great touch too 🙂

    1. I’m glad you enjoy them – it’s a lot of fun for me to write them.
      thanks for the ‘tag’, i’ll check it out and try to get to it soon 🙂

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