Apples with cake in

This isn’t a big post.  Or even a recipe post.  It is, in fact, a redirect.

Look at what I made:

it's a cake!

It’s Apple Sharlotka, and it is delicious.  The recipe is over at Smitten Kitchen, along with considerably more talented and artistic photos.

I don’t see any reason why I should go over the instructions for it, since they dit it first, and better, over at Smitten Kitchen.  I’ll leave it at this:

you cut up a whole lot of apples into a cake pan, and then pour a small amount of cake batter over top of them.  Magic happens in the oven, producing a slice of Heaven.

And now for the reviews:

Peanut – “Dad can have that piece – I’ll get the next one.” (translation: I want a bigger piece than that, and think I stand a chance of possibly getting one if I appear generous).  She then proceeded to have another piece later that evening, and then another the next day… there is a reason there was no more Apple Sharlotka in the kitchen two days after I made it.

Mom – “This is a keeper.”, “We could make it in a muffin tin!”, “You have to make this again.”

Dad (aka the man who doesn’t eat or like most dessert) – “Wow – this is actually really good!”, and “next time we make this, we should try doing it in a square glass pan, it would be easier to clean afterwards” (that might not sound like a good review, but when you consider the fact that he said next time we make this, you know it’s a winner.  Also, bear in mind how terrible he is at reviews)

It’s tart, it’s sweet (but not overly sweet), it turned out pretty without any effort to make it look pretty, and it is, at the end of the day, mostly apple.  How bad could it be, really?


On a completely different note – today you might notice that an awful lot of sites are… black.  Black in the ‘my daily dose of bloggy humor is covered in black, and unreadable’ way.  US Congress – please don’t go forward with SOPA/PIPA.  It really isn’t likely to help in the long run, or the short run.  Nathan Badley has a good explanation of things here.

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  1. YUM. That looks SOOOO good. 🙂

  2. 😀 I’m going to go out there and assume that the next time it’s made I’ll be home for it 😀
    I always look forward to eating food that happens to be full of awesome, and if Dad likes it enough to mention it being made again… well 😀
    A thought: If we want to make it festive, use food dye on the apple slices for a little bit… spots of food dye in the pan, and then placing the apple slices on top would work, and would mean that any ‘excess’ would blend and turn Technicolor to the cake 😀

    • maybe 😛
      Though probably not wiht any of the food dye plans… that sounds like it would look moldy before it even came out of the pan. 😐

  3. That looks REALLY yummy!

  4. Looks yummy!

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