I Can’t Complain

I really, really want to complain about the cold.  SO. MUCH.  It was -12 Celsius (10 F… according to google) on Saturday, and windy, and holy cow, it was cold!

But it’s -27 Celsius (-17 F)(NOT factoring in wind-chill) in Calgary today, so really, I believe the phrase that applies to me is ‘buck up, sissy-girl’.

The other reason that it isn’t reasonable for me to complain is this – half-way through January, and this is the first time it got this cold?  I am spoiled in winter weather this year, and I should shut up before Murphy catches up with me.  This time last year, I was a month and a half into a royally unpleasant season of icy winds and freezing rain – a world of sloppy slushy, gloomy grey standard Toronto Winter.  Last week was the first time they salted the sidewalks (they being ‘everyone other than my one crazy neighbour who just layers down the salt so heavily all winter that I walk on her lawn to avoid the gravel-like dog-foot-doom she creates’).  This winter, apparently the road salt industry (in Ontario, at any rate) is having serious issues – they aren’t selling enough salt, and the people being paid to salt the roads – they aren’t getting paid to salt the roads.

first snow in the GTA that lasted more than the evening-on-which-it-fell. Prior to this, they were salting the roads 'just because', like that time that they thought it might rain, and then might, after that, get very cold, and create ice... but it didn't.

There’s a whole industry that is going into decline.

But HOLY COW, it was COLD out!

random pillars in the park north of the Brickworks. I didn't take any pictures (not wanting to look overly creepy, or have my fingers fall off from the cold), but there are a LOT of really pretty houses along the ridge overlooking this particular creek valley. Nothing like admiring the backyards of the rich and... well... rich.

I think the real problem was that it went from +10 C down to -12 C in the course of hours.  Friday evening, it was chilly – like, around freezing ‘chilly’ – Saturday morning, it was bitter.  Also, going for a three hour walk that went down through the trails by the brickworks, and then back up Yonge street to St. Clair (where I parked my car)… that might not have been the wisest choice.  Not to mention that this walk started at 4pm, with only a brief pause in a doggy boutique (to defrost) on the way back.

part of the brickworks - a very cool bit of Toronto History

Plus side – Gwynn loves it.  This kind of weather is the reason I am letting his coat grow out until spring.  He is completely insulated, and completely ecstatic at any opportunity to roll around in the cold white stuff, even when it’s a windy 12 below, and my face is so cold that my words slur from the numbing effect the wind has on my lips and jaw muscles.  He bounced along beside me, beard crispy with icicles, while I wished I hadn’t let my face freeze into a smiling position.  My teeth hurt from the cold.

brickworks again. I really didn't take many pictures, mainly due to the cold crushing my desire to do anything requiring fingers out-of-mitt

The other plus side is that my reason for driving across Toronto to go for a walk was to join a good friend I don’t see nearly often enough for a walk in the woods.  She is my only friend in the GTA whose idea for ‘what should we do?’ would be (in the winter) ‘go for a long walk’, instead of ‘go to a movie/restaurant/bar’, and I am so grateful for that.  Much as I like movies/food/alcohol, I really think I spend an unhealthy amount of time watching TV, I prefer cooking and trying new recipes, and I really don’t drink all that much (not to mention the ‘past my bedtime’ factor of going to bars or clubs).

the Toronto Skyline

I really can’t complain about the weather, especially now that the temperature is back up to +4 Celsius.  Though, now that it’s warm out, I want to complain about the fact that all the snow is melting into sodden heaps of mush.

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  1. I felt the same way Sunday! It was so freezing cold that I said something to the dogs and was sure I slurred my words.

    We too have had a pretty mild winter and I am ever so grateful, but DAMN, it was cold! :-0

    • it’s definitely the drastic drop in temperature that completely screws me over. Gwynn is furry enough that he doesn’t seem even slightly bothered… sometimes i’m tempted to shave him down, just so we’re on a more similar playing field when it comes to ‘how long should we stay outside’. 😛

  2. Wimp. On Sunday it was -20 out, and that’s not counting the bitter cold winds… you know the kind, the kind where if you don’t have your mitted hands in your pockets, it doesn’t feel like you have mitts on?
    That’s what the weather has been like for the last week or so.
    I feel for you, but suck it up buttercup 😛 Winter’s a’ comin quicker than you can say “My a$$ is frozen”!
    Oh, and the canal is open 😀 EXCITING!

    • I wasn’t complaining – I was explaining why i couldn’t complain 😉
      I’m so jealous of the canal… the creek is freezing over again, but I wouldn’t walk on that, let alone skate! I hope you brought your sheepskin hat to keep your ears/face/head warm between classes. And that you’re actually wearing your winter coat now, not just your wool zip-up?

  3. One day it is freezing, one day it is warmer, and today we are swinging back to freezing again. It is great having a puppy in this weather. 🙂 Speaking of puppy, he has no fur on his underside yet and the poor thing shivers after a few minutes outside.

    • It’s really hard to adapt to – but definitely even harder when you have a puppy! Poor guy, getting chilly. that can’t make it easier to learn to do his business outside! I hope he grows some better protection soon, because i think ‘real’ winter has actually arrived, and the ‘warm days’ are getting colder and so are the cold days.

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