A Prickly Situation

There is no time quite like the time spent in a park at night.  Or, for that matter, in a park at 6pm, when it’s pitch black out.  I understand why they don’t bother to put lights there – after all, it’s at least 3 km of densely wooded creek-valley.  Putting lights in would probably do more to attract an ‘unsavoury element’ than it would do to make me feel less like foolish little Red Riding Hood (not the psychotic version I wrote about earlier, mind you) heading along the creek and through the woods.  Ms Hood would probably have been considerably safer with two dogs at her side.

Apart from the inability to see what’s happening in the woods, the disadvantage of being in the woods at night is the simple fact that you can’t really see the dogs all that well.

When Gwynn ran up beside me and started chewing at his leg, I assumed (rightly, and completely wrongly) that he had a bur on his leg.  Well, he had burs, certainly.  On his leg, not so much.

Like this… only this is about 20 minutes after I started taking burs off.  I wasn’t mean enough to try and take his picture when all of the fur on his face was being held down over his eye by a giant mass of burs, as my pirate-like pooch wound anxiously around my legs, rubbing his face against my pants (pressing more and more fur deep into the burs), while I tried desperately to hold him still long enough to get ahold of the mass.  20 minutes sitting in the middle of the dark woods on the path, and I was finally pretty sure that he wasn’t in danger of eye damage.  I waited until he could see out of both eyes to give in to my bloggy self.

Meanwhile, Sadie was jealous of all the cuddles Gwynn was getting (not a cuddle, more like a half-nelson to hold the crazy dog still while I cleared his eye), so she kept trying to squish herself between Gwynn and I.  It’s really helpful to the situation as a whole – the dog I want to have close to me trying desperately to get away from the madwoman pulling at his face, the other one trying to steal all the ‘face pets’.

I got as much as I could get without actually being able to see what was there, pressed the rest of them back so that they were keeping his hair out of his eyes, rather than holding it over his eyes, and left it until home.  All that rubbing his face into my legs had left enough fine strands of bur in my jeans that I was twitching and itching and scratching all the way home.

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  1. OMG!! Poor Gwynn! But such a funny post! 😉

  2. I posted a picture of my “bed head” today. I’m not gonna lie. It looks pretty much like poor Gwynn with burs. On a positive note, Gwynn is precious…even when covered in itchy blotches!

    • yeah, it’s true, lol. there you go, though – the solution to your wedding up-do problem. Just make sure to roll all the burs to the inside, so that the beehive type ‘do looks like you spent 4 hours with hairspray, instead of ten minutes getting burs tangled in your hair 😀

  3. Poor Gwynn! It was very nice of you to wait until some of the burrs were removed before snapping the photo. I doubt I would have been as thoughtful. 😉

    Luckily, Shiva has the kind of fur that does not attract such awful things. Her fur is far to slick and thin for anything to stick. That said, it still worries me when we walk this time of year as it’s always dark and if I risk letting her off-leash her dark fur is impossible to see. Sometimes I make her wear my husband’s high-vis work vest, just to be safe.

    • I’m jealous – Gwynn’s fur is the exact replica of the fuzzy side of velcro… with the burs being the prickly side of it 😛
      I use two light-up velcro-adjustible armbands as a lightup collar for Gwynn. I picked them up for under $5 each just after haloween at Canadian Tire, and so far they’re working brilliantly. Great for on the street, so that people (and people in cars, more specifically, in my very few sidewalks neighbourhood) can see us coming in the evening, and at the park, or dog park, so that I can see where he is. The work vest is a great idea – especially for making sure people in cars can see you guys.

  4. lol, in his eyes burn the fires of hell and damnation 😛 All directed to the evil that is burs in his face, and Boss picking the evil off of his face 😀
    This also looks a bit like he’s smiling 😀 Poor guy… the burs are trying to fool you into thinking such nonsense!
    Congrats on your inner dog owner beating your inner blogger…
    I feel like if I was there one of my frequently entioned inner selves (possibly both insanity and sanity) would have me helping you hold onto Gwynn with one hand, a leg out to keep Sadie at bay, and the other hand busy with taking pictures of Gwynn with a burr filled face, with you helping pull them out…
    Fun 😀

    • He was SO very not impressed – with burs, with me, with Sadie trying to play with him, with life in general. He was UNIMPRESSED 😛
      The first thing mom said when she saw the picture was, “you know, if i’d stopped to take a picture before dealing with a cut or scrape on you… you would never have forgiven me”. I didn’t take the initial picture (which would have bene awesome – it was like my entire hand – full of burs, on his face), i waited until he was mostly recovered 😛

  5. Yikes those are a lot of burrs. Luckily the 2 brown dawgs don’t get too many burs, just a few in their tails usually.

    • I’m jealous – it would be nice to not have to spend so much time pulling things out of Gwynn’s hair.

  6. Oh poor Gwynn!! I don’t know what I would have done. How long did it take you to remove all of them? Did he have any damage or just matted fur (as if that wasn’t enough) I just mean did any get close enough to his skin to cut him?

    • Just matted fur, thankfully. It was probably 20 minutes in the creek valley to get his eye uncovered without just cutting all the fur/burs off, and then another 20 or thirty minutes in my living room getting rid of the rest of the burs and all the little strands of prickle. Thankfully, he’s got thick enough fur that, while it looked awful, it didn’t do much other than freak him out about only having one eye able to see.

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