The Prettiest Thing

I found myself at the christmas party night at a country bar recently.  We went for line-dancing and had a blast.  Apart from establishing that, yes, I line-dance with the grace of a giraffe on a unicycle wearing one lead boot, I also got handed a chocolate covered marshmallow on a stick.

I managed to avoid maiming anyone with it while dancing, and even managed to keep my marshmallow-onna-stick and eat it.  It was delicious!  I didn’t hold high hopes for it, since generally such treats are made with ‘chocolate flavoured plastic coating’ and 30 year old marshmallows.  Instead, it was a light and fluffy fresh marshmallow coated in rich dark chocolate, with some candycane crumbles on the top.  It was cute, delicious and an ‘adult’ version of itself.

I wanted to make one!  I wanted to make many!  For a potluck!

I don’t have a recipe or quantities.  The project started at 9:30 on a thursday night, and apart from “i bought wayyy tooo much chocolate” I don’t have any measurements.  This is not the ‘recipe’ kind of project.

What you’ll need, should you choose to make Chocolate Covered Marshmallow-onna-stick:

  • Melting chocolate (I chose the dark belgian chocolate available in neat little rounds at Bulk Barn, but if you don’t like dark chocolate, pick something else.) – I’m guessing I probably used about a cup and a half of them for the 30 marshmallows I coated.
  • sticks – bulkbarn sells actual sucker-type-sticks relatively inexpensively.  Or, for that matter, you could use toothpicks, or shish-kebab skewers.
  • Regular sized marshmallows.  Or you could be super fancy and home-make your marshmallows.  Here’s a recipe for it … but I used store-bought)
  • White chocolate – only if you want to make the pretty swirly additions to the final product.  You won’t need a lot – probably half a cup, if even that much.
  • Sprinkles of some sort – I found the tiny dot type sprinkles worked the best out of what I had available.  You could also use crumbled candycane, or graham cracker crumbs (s’mores onna-stick!), or really anything that would taste good with marshmallows and chocolate.
  • Something to hold them upright to cool – I found that taking an old shoebox and poking small holes in it worked quite well. Alternately, you could use the fancy stand you already have for displaying cake pops.

... because some people make pretty things all the time!


Melt dark chocolate in a microwave safe bowl:  put it in the microwave for 30 seconds at a time, stirring in between, until it reaches a good consistency.  Alternately, you can do a double boiler.

Put sprinkles in a small bowl, and load your marshmallow onto a stick.

Dip your marshmallow into the melted chocolate, and hold it over the chocolate bowl (shaking it lightly) to let the excess chocolate drip off.

Dip the top (or the top and sides, if you want) in the sprinkles.

Stick the marshmallow stick upright into your stand.  Just make sure there’s space between them so that if they do tip, they are unlikely to hit each other.

Move the full stand somewhere cold.  My plan was to put it on the back deck, since it’s a bit warmer than fridge-temperature out there.  It was raining when I tried to go out to our back yard, so I put them on my front deck, because the front deck has a small awning over the door.  My neighbours might think I’m crazy.  I was concerned about squirrels, but apparently they are either sleeping by 10pm, or just not as interested in marshmallows as they would be if they were sugar-high 5-year-olds roaming the streets.  I wouldn’t suggest this technique on, say, Halloween night.

Once the chocolate is cooled enough that you can lay them on their sides, do so, on wax or parchment paper, to prevent too much cleanup-mess.

Melt your small amount of white chocolate (see above options).

With a spoon, or your choice of implement, drizzle small amounts of white chocolate on the side of the marshmallow.  I found putting a bit of the chocolate on a small spoon and then flicking it violently back and forth over the marshmallows made it look artistic and surprisingly professional.

Return to the cool place of your choice until the white chocolate cools and you can flip them over.  Repeat the white chocolate process.

Store in the refrigerator, to ensure that they don’t melt all over and ruin the ‘look’.

Bask in the glow of the praise and disbelief of your friends and family as they gape in astonishment at how that weird thing you’d been working on quietly in the kitchen for the past hour actually turned out looking like something they might buy at that cute little bakery (you know… that one with the adorable cupcakes?) for $7.99.

the prettiest thign I have ever made.

wax paper between layers... and the urge to open my own bakery... I am impressed at myself!

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  1. Wow those came out great! Very pretty!

  2. Wish I’d come by to pick up this yummy recipe during the holidays when I was allowed to eat such stuff. Now, in my new year healthy eating mode, it’s just Satan’s Temptation on a Stick.

    • yeah, it’s definitely better eaten during the guilt-free ‘I’ll start eating healthy after new years’ time, rather than secretly-and-with-guilt in the pantry while on a sugar-free-diet that most certainly doesn’t include marshmallows. Good luck with resisting the temptations!

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