Flash Fail!

You guys… I’m so disappointed!  I missed the riot… mob.  I missed the dance mob, flash riot, inexplicable coordinated dancing that leads to confusion and then excitement in the crowd of people around you.  I even practiced the dance!  I would have been like a whirling dervish – no, really!  There was whirling at one point in the dance!  I’m pretty sure I could have gotten through the entire dance without kicking anyone, or smacking them in the face.

look at them all, NOT smacking each other in the face! I could have been part of something like that! only... indoors... and business-casual...

It’s just upsetting, that’s what it is.  It looked like fun.  I’ll admit I tried my best to get out of participating this week, but I arrived at the party fully intending to mob in a flash.  It’s just that, standing up after dinner, gravity kicked in, and I found myself doing the pee-pee dance all the way to the washroom.

I really thought I’d have more time, but when I came out of the washroom, the song was playing, and everyone else was on the dance floor half-way through the routine bopping and hopping and spinning and punching (air) and scooping and clapping in near-unison.  I considered trying to run in and join, but had this image of being punched, then bopped, then hopped on, scooped and clapped, by all the people I knocked over in my epic death-of-a-flash-mob debut.  It would have been painful.

If I ever get invited to another flash mob, I’ll be shunning beverage for the hour beforehand, that’s for sure!

Apart from missing my moment to demonstrate my lord of the dance type skills, last night was a lot of fun – company Christmas parties, you should go to it if your company offers one.

Along with a decently tasty piece of chicken (or pork… I know that makes it sound ominous, but whatever meat it was, it was tasty), a giant assortment of tasty bite-sized cakes, and likely a drink ticket or two, you could witness scenes like this:

A nearly 7 foot tall man, his long flowing white locks worthy of an Herbal Essences “Oh YES!” scene, grooving to the beat of his own drum on the dance floor.  He shimmied, he performed intricate footwork that may have been intentional, and may also have been his attempt at staying upright as he hurtled off-kilter across the floor.  He attempted various forms of club dancing, trying his best to walk like an Egyptian, Duggie, pop, break and lock to the beat of various pop songs.  In a rush of 80’s hair band memories, he pulled off his tie and flung it off the dance floor to his patient-as-a-saint wife, and seemed to be considering a burlesque style strip-tease as his encore.

A usually serious co-worker, having shown up in an entirely white outfit, including white hat, proceeds to demonstrate that he not only thinks he can dance, he knows he can dance.  Now everyone else knows that too!  It was impressive!  He moved in ways so far beyond the awkward-group shuffle of (most of) the rest of his co-workers, it was like he had stumbled accidentally out of a dance competition.  By the end of the night, he was attempting to pass on the cool-ness of his crazy dance moves to the other guys in a strange impromptu dance class.

What did we learn from this?  You might just be in shock and awe of your coworkers’ surprising dance skills.  Also, hold it until after the flash mob.

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  1. That sucks! I am so disappointed for you. I thought it was crazy cool that you had the opportunity to join in something like that. It’s life list worthy!
    Dang bladders anyway! What are they good for?

    Oh. Right.

    Oh well, at least you got to SEE the flash mob. I’ve never even been close to one. The party sounds like it was such a great time. Sadly, I’ve only ever worked in very small companies with less than twenty employees. So I’ve never gotten to attend big holiday parties with drink tickets. When i worked at a hotel, I got to serve plenty. Christmas time back then was my least favourite time of year. It meant working till four in the morning, and then coming in early the next day to set up for the next party. 😛 But it would be awesome to one day actually attend a party like that and let someone else clean up the mess!

    • It was definitely cool. Even though it was just a company flash-mob, with people from my company, it makes me really interested in seeing/participating in one somewhere else. A freind of mine participated in one in a square in Florence while on a summer work term, which jsut seems surreal and amazing.

      My parents are a civil servant and a teacher – i had no idea before starting to work at this company that places did things like this. It is crazy! This year, it was individual offices, but last year, it was all the offices in this area – over 1000 people, and they rented out a three storey dance-club downtown.

      I can imagine, though, how much this time of year would suck for people who work for that type of place – lots of late nights and cleanup. I hope that you get your chance to be the mess-maker soon 🙂

  2. My condolences on missing your flash dance opportunity. I’ve only ever seen them on the internet and never in person, but they do look really cool.

    Most of the Christmas parties I have attended do not include spouses and I don’t usually go. The office I am in now has only 6 people, we will have a pot luck lunch next week. 😦

    • I think they only included spouses to try and encourage people to come out – I’m guessing a lot of people don’t go because they can’t bring their spouse. But the two previous years, it was all teh offices in the area, (over 1000 people), and it was no spouses.
      mmm, I love potlucks! I love trying all the different foods, and holy cow, there are always such good desserts! You don’t seem happy about it, though – is it because the office is fairly small, or are you dreading the cooking part of things?

      • It’s actually for a very selfish reason….I am now gluten free so there won’t be a lot I can eat. 🙂

        • oh, that sucks! It’s definitely hard to eat much if you’re avoiding gluten. and all the goodies of the season are pretty unlikely to be gluten free. hopefully you survive the potluck without too much stress

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