Was yesterday Thursday? Oh… I thought it was DOOMSDAY

Apparently Thursdays just aren’t the best of day to exist.  For me, at any rate.  And Gwynn.

Last week, if you recall, we paid our first visit to the emergency vet, because Gwynn was acting like he might drop dead or explode at any moment.

This Thursday, we went to the schoolyard to do some training and run around a bit.  Gwynn and another dog had a blast running around until Gwynn discovered a bagged sandwich.

side-note: this is one of the most entertaining webcomics ever!

I’m pretty sure I could have gotten it back from him, gotten him to come to me, if it weren’t for the fact that the other dog really wanted the bagged sandwich too… and was willing to chase Gwynn over hell’s half-acre to get it.  Does NOT make for a good recall command.

The other dog finally stops chasing him, and Gwynn trots up to me, entirely empty mouthed.

And so I found myself speed-walking back to the house after less than 45 minutes of walk, looking like one of those awful dog-owners whose entire focus is on checking their email or whatever while dragging their dog down the street.  However, I wasn’t finding out what the latest groupon was – I was googling “How to make your dog vomit”.

I thought before that the maps feature of having a smart phone was the most brilliant and amazing aspect of the phone.  It isn’t, I was wrong.  It’s google. 

Once it was established that I’d need hydrogen peroxide, I phoned home, setting the rest of the family to a search of the house for this elusive bathroom-implement.  The bathroom is under renovations, which means that everything is in a bit of disarray.

Before I continue, let me mention – I didn’t base this entirely on google.  A good dog-owning friend of mine already suggested it to me, but I couldn’t remember the quantities she’d told me, and I wanted confirmation.  The interwebs obliged.

Gwynn?   Not so much.  I gave him about a tablespoon of it (in a syringe – makes it much easier to get it down their throat), and waited.  And waited, and walked him around the yard in circles on leash, and waited some more.  He peed, eventually.  So I gave him another dose, repeated the process of waiting… and nothing.  The dog has an iron stomach.

After about 45 minutes, and about a quarter cup of hydrogen peroxide, I gave up and went inside, and called my vet.

NOTE:  Call your vet FIRST.  I failed, and did it in the wrong order.  I was just really REALLY focused on getting the ziplock bag out of him.

Their suggestion (bearing in mind that Gwynn is about 50 lbs, and it was a sandwich-sized ziplock bag… this suggestion does not apply to every-dog): He’s large enough and the bag is small enough that it will likely pass on its own.  Don’t give him any more hydrogen peroxide.  Wait another half hour or so, to let his stomach settle, and then give him a small amount of his food (1/4 cup of kibble, ish), and wait another half-hour before giving him another small amount of his food.  Feed him his entire dinner over the course of two or three hours, leaving time in between.  If he pukes the food up the first time, DON’T give him any more, get him to a vet, because the bag might be blocking/clogging his stomach.  The vet will then induce vomiting.

Thank you vet (now I’m feeling terrible about force-feeding him hydrogen peroxide, and thoroughly traumatizing him about syringes.), and I hang up the phone.

And he pukes ALL OVER THE FLOOR.

Clearly, the hydrogen peroxide thing is sped up by being inside and warm, not unlike the negative effects of alcohol.

I texted my aunt to ask for suggestions about getting a dog to puke while in the midst of one of my waiting/walking around loops (she’s a people-doctor).  Her only response was, “He’s a dog – they’ll eat poop.  I don’t know!”… I guess people and dogs aren’t as alike as I sometimes assume.

Gwynn’s alright – the bag is out (and I’m kind of relieved that it came out before going through his digestive tract, even if the vet did say he could manage it), and he seems to have completely forgiven me.  We’ll be working extra hard at recalls and ‘drop it’ and the its yer choice game, because, clearly, I have been failing in that regard.  I think our next visit to the schoolyard will include a garbage sweep first and foremost.

On a lighter note – stay tuned for monday’s exciting super-duper fantabulous post about ‘what we did this weekend’.  The weekend hasn’t happened yet, but I predict drama, excitement, a series of adorable events, and some good ol’ BAH RAM YOU to ensure a positive outcome.



  1. I think it is better the bag came out too and am glad you didn’t have to make another trip to the ER vet. We had to give Storm the Hydrogen Peroxide treatment once when she ate chucks of her plastic dog house door. Hated to do it, but we did not want that plastic going through her. Although our Golden Retriever once ate a whole plastic bowl and was none the worse for wear. 😉

    Recall is hard when there is a sandwich and a chasing dog involved. 🙂

    • I hated giving it to him as well – especially since he looked so hurt afterwards, giving me a look that said, “What? you hate me? Why?!”
      I’m just glad I didn’t have to go on poop-inspection-patrol for the next week, looking for pieces of bag. I already pick it up, i have no interest in breaking it up and checking it out further.
      And wow, your retriever’s digestive tract! I hope he at least broke it into small pieces before devouring it!

  2. Chester eats stuff like that all of the time. He either poops it out or pukes it up on his own if he can’t.

    Once he puked up a jagged piece of glass about the size of a quarter. yikes! I don’t know where he picked that up.

    • oh, that would be terrifying! Bad chester, eating glass! Gwynn has eaten some things I’d prefer he didnt’ eat, but never something quite this big and potentially asphyxiating. i just had a vision of all those doctor movies where they say, “oh, plastic doesn’t show up on the x-ray”, and him having it stuck somewhere in his digestive tract, festering and killing him 😐 I have too much imagination when it comes to ways the dog might die

  3. I’m so glad that Gwynn is ok, you must have been terrified!

    It pisses me off when people leave garbage around in the parks, for crying out loud why can’t they pick up their stuff? Once I wrestled Delilah for a package that still had hunks of pepperoni in it. Thankfully I won, or I too might have been storming down the street on the great peroxide hunt. 🙂

    • It’s frustrating, for sure. I don’t remember having an issue as a child putting my garbage away. And they have garbage cans all around that school-yard, so the distance you’d have to walk is definitely not be blame.
      I don’t think i’d have gotten anywhere near Gwynn if he found pepperoni… it would have been another peroxide hunt, for sure.

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