Hamming it up

There's a Ham Bone in the back yard, you say?

Yup… with some ham still on it.  And yet, you have no ham bone, dog.

Gee, boss, I dunno where it went... i guess it's gone. Could I have another?

For those of you unaware, no I haven’t been dying his white beard brown.  He spent the rest of the evening lurking in the back yard moving ‘something’ from hiding spot to hiding spot every time he sensed that we must have spotted him at it.  He is so sure that I only give him treats to steal them back once he’s really enjoying them.



  1. So the dark ‘beard’ is really dirt? LOL oh silly dog.

    • yup. And he probably ate some of the dirt as well, for good measure. If one day I decide to shave his chin, he’ll have no-one to blame but himself 😛

  2. What a silly boy. 😆

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