Damn you, Time Change!

Is anyone else having as much issue as me in dealing with the time change?  Fall Back is supposed to give you more daylight, but all it’s doing is giving me lack-of-sleep headaches.  I’m like a small child – I get cranky when my schedule is changed, or when I stay up past my bedtime.

I would have so much more time in the day if i could repeat three hours of it in an endless loop...

The time change does not actually produce extra time in the day.  The only thing that could give you more time in a day is developing a time-freeze-ray or time travel machine.  What it does do is make it a bit lighter out (for now… until it’s just as dark out as it was before) in the morning.  What it also does is make it much darker earlier in the evening.

I’d rather have a bit of extra light in the evening, when I’m going on a much longer walk with my dog.  In the morning, 99% of the people I run into are a) runners, b) walking their dogs, c) walking to work, or d) delivering newspapers.  The sketchy people are sleeping, because it’s 6am, and that’s what I’d be doing if I didn’t have to get the dog out for his morning perambulation and head to work.  To be frank, I don’t care if it’s pitch-black on my morning walk or if it’s kind-of-sort-of-light-out.  Because I’m not so concerned that the runners, dog walkers, people-heading-to-work, or people-delivering-newspapers might suddenly mug me.

In the evening, however, when I’d really like to go for a walk in the park, or go to the dog off-leash area, and plan to spend an hour or more outside, light would be nice.  Because sometimes that shadowy figure in the gloom is a fellow dog-walker, or a jogger… and sometimes it’s a kind of ominous looking guy (and yes, if you’re that guy who lurks in dark parks with no exercise or dog related purpose, hood up and baggy coat that could be hiding dangerous things…I judge you based on your appearance) who doesn’t seem to have a valid rason for being in the dark dark park.  I know, I know – judging people is bad.  But why is that guy walking through a park, why did he slow down when he saw me, and why did he veer off the path and into the shrubbery?  Well?!  Why???  If the park led somewhere apart from ‘out onto a spit of land where no-one can hear you scream’, it might be a different story.

It would be so much easier to be in the park in the evening without the time-change taking away what little daylight I had just a few short days ago.  It’s pretty much dusk by the time I get home from work, and it’s black by the time Gwynn and I walk to anywhere.

My final complaint about the time change is this:  I adjust poorly to changing time-zones.  On sunday night, I was in bed by 9pm(new time)… because my brain knew that it was actually 10pm.  And last night, both Gwynn and I were suffering through the last half of our dog class.  I want to pay attention, I tried to pay attention, I feel terrible that I spent that last half of the class yawning my brains out.  But, when the class runs from 9 to 10 pm… right after the time change, my brain was telling me It’s actually 10:30pm now!  Go to bed!

By the time we left the class a bit after 10pm (ELEVEN!), I had a killer sleep-deprivation headache, which, as of noon (ONE PM!) today, hasn’t left me.

Please, can’t we just leave the time alone except when crossing time-zones?

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  1. TheIdiotSpeaketh

     /  November 8, 2011

    Agree totally. This just screws up my internal idiot clock for weeks. Once it finally gets adjusted to the time, BOOM, it’s time to change back again. 🙂

    • It’s true – and the advantage of light in the morning only lasts about a week… and then it’s just dark, all the time. Or at least, all the time that I’m not in a windowless cubicle. Sooo…all the time.

  2. I totally agree, originally daylight savings time was for farmers (I think) in order to give them extra harvesting time or some such nonsense.

    I say Screw The Farmers! With all the modern technology can’t they figure this out and leave us alone!

    • My aunt and uncle live surrounded by farmland. The guy who farms the crops around them does a lot of harvesting and other farm-devilry (because I can barely get an african violet to survive, I’m unwilling to attempt to describe the other things he does than harvesting, for fear of sounding silly) in the middle of the night. Like…past midnight. It is no longer necessary for farmers to do farm-things during daylight hours.
      Gwynn is still suspicious of my strange new hours, and I’m still tired at the wrong time of day and awake at the wronger time of day.

  3. Well, I agree that the time change is kind of pointless and just ends on a headache for me. I mean it is dark when I go to work and dark when I get home most of the winter so does it really matter? The biggest thing for me is twice a year the dogs have to readjust their internal food time clock. They wake me up an hour earlier (4 am mind you) instead of 5….which is the actual eating time. Just when they get it figured out, it changes again.

    • Very true – Gwynn is still not all that happy about his new food hours, and we don’t even really feed consistently at the exact same times of day.

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