It’s Day TWO of Nanowrimo!  Are you all participating?  I’m super excited, though already procrastinating (as you can see), which does not bode well for my success this year.  The plan was to have this post before Nano started, so as to warn you all about my impending not-here-much-ness.

For those of you uninitiated in the ways of Nano, November is National (though it’s quite international – it’s pretty much everywhere… but Internanowrimo just sounds silly) Novel Writing Month.  The goal:  write 50000 words of whatever you want in 30 days.  You could write the ongoing history of the teapot, the heartwarming story of a boy and his dog, a series of angst-filled poems, or perhaps a story that’s been percolating in your mind that needs a solid kick-in-the-pants to get you to get it out on paper.  Whatever you want, it translates to.

It’ll be rough and tumble, raw, and probably full of grammatical errors.  It will have characters you decide you don’t want halfway through, and storylines that fizzle out before they get wrapped up.  You won’t like the phrasing of chapter three to five.  You’ll feel the urge to re-start it and pick at it and prod until it’s prettier – resist that!  The goal is a rougher than rough draft.  Get the ideas down on paper, and then, once you’ve achieved a month of pouring your ideas on page… that is when you get out your big box o’ red pens and let your inner critic have at it.

Last year, I got to about 24000 words… if even.  I’d just gotten Gwynn, and found all my time sucked up in the  process of keeping puppy alive and happy and healthy.  My story was a kind of melding of fairy-tales with a twist.  There was(is) a squirrel named Errol who wears a sweater-vest.  I plan to go back to it and finish it up… but not for Nano, or for now.  Unfortunately, all of a sudden there are a number of tv shows and books out that all kind of have similar ideas to what I had, which, despite me not having read/watched them yet, makes me feel like I was copying their ideas.

I had been thinking that I might post my entire story as it is written on this blog.  BUT, as mentioned in recent posts about puppeh, I’m a bit of a coward.  And having other people read my fiction-type writing makes me nauseous in the same kind of way as the idea of standing in front of a theatre-full of friends, family and strangers and performing attempting to perform a Mariah Carrey song… and naked.  My goal in the Lexy overcomes her unnatural fear of life in general game is to post some parts of the story that seem like they’d be able to stand alone during nano (because I will feel the urge to tamper before putting it out there in blog-land in its birthday suit), and possibly work up the courage to start posting chapters as I go over them and improve them from Nano-scratch.

If you are doing Nano, good luck!  If you’re in the GTA, I might see you at events!  Did I mention that there are social and writing-type events?  I recommend going to some, they’re fun and a great way to relax or find some urge-to-write if you’re feeling procrastinate-ey.  Also, my user-name is Lexy0387 – we can be nano-buddies.

There’s still time – it’s only day two, so if you aren’t participating, you can still sign up and get started!

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  1. Very cool that you are participating. Good luck with it! I’d be interested to read what you write. Sharing’s scary, sure, but you’ll also get input – which is invaluable. I’ve always wanted to try this, but I’m a bit of a slow writer. I’m still trying to finish the first draft of a novel I started late LAST year… 🙂

    • That’s the advantage of Nano – it pushes you to write, and focus just on getting the idea on paper. Plus, the network of people all working towards the same goal is very inspiring 🙂 all those people who ‘get’ that you’re trying to write a lot, and are really encouraging about it.
      Good luck with your novel draft 🙂 As someone who has yet to get something to the point of completion to start looking over a draft, I know for sure that it’s tough – But I look forward to your success and publishing! When you’re glamorously book-touring, make sure to stop by Toronto so I can get my (future) copy signed!

      • Well, hopefully you’ll get a full draft this time around. Or close enough to it that you keep going with it once the month is through!!

        A book tour? If only…. 🙂

        • I’m hoping to at least keep going after the end of November. I enjoy writing, it’s just that I feel guilty doing something that so completely doesn’t involve the dog. At least if i’m watching tv i’m probably also grooming him or playing with a squeaky toy 😛
          I’m rooting for your book-touring glamorous author future 🙂

  2. Good for you! I kind of wish NaNoWriMo was in February. A) Because it’s short, and B) Because nothing fun happens in February. In November? I’m way to distracted to do this. But good luck! Good on ya!

    • That would be two fewer days to write in! Argh, I’d never finish then! Though I agree – November is busy! There are far too many sunny and warm fall days to go walking in, and far too many people doing exciting activities, and too many activities to do! But once you start, it’s surprisingly easy to get 1667 words down in one sitting, or three or four short sittings between activity.
      thanks for the luck 🙂

  3. Good for you Lexy, I am still without power at home and can’t tackle this project this year. Perhaps I will participate next year. Look forward to reading some of your works.

    • I’m really hoping you’ll be with power soon! I know a few people who do the entire thing written on paper, but I can’t even imagine. I hardly ever write, and my handwriting is atrocious. Not to mention the hand cramping that must occur after a particularly long writing session!

  4. Good luck! I hear about this challenge every year and don’t know where I’d find the time to fit it in. So I admire any one who takes it on.

    You had asked if Brut pulls more on a walk because he pulls a sled. Well let’s just say Brut has always pulled on a walk, but there is a difference when he pulls a sled. When I get the harness and gear out, he knows he is going to pull. Or should I say he has the freedom to pull. I have been told that you can train a dog the difference between on a leash and pulling. Brut is only a minor example of that, but I do notice a difference.

    Probably doesn’t really answer your question, but I have heard it can be done. I’m am trying to teach this with my other dogs as well and have notice the same difference.

    • It definitely answers my question – sounds like the dogs look at sledding as entirely different from walking… so it’s probably fairly simple to make it clear that activity A doesn’t require pulling, and activity B requires lots of it 🙂
      If I had 6 dogs like you, I don’t think i could even find the time to blog as much as you do! You definitely have your time monopolized much more than me, and still manage to write on your blog more often.

  5. Hmmmm….what an interesting challenge….and hard! I could never do that. I am too distracted, not good at fiction and have a short attention span 🙂

    • That’s the thing about nano- it doesn’t have to be fiction – you could easily turn some of your writing about your adventures with your dogs into some kind of dog-friendly guide-book type thing. I definitely find myself procrastinating in the silliest ways to avoid writing a bit more and getting my wordcount up, though, so i entirely get the distraction issue 😛

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