Great Pumpkin!

Happy Halloween, everyone!

Tis the season for pumpkin pie.  A coworker of mine usually sells pumpkin pies just before thanksgiving (Canadian Thanksgiving), but this year, there weren’t any pumpkins available yet(yup, he makes them from the scratchiest scratch possible!).  So this year, he sold pumpkin pie today… Awesome!

Tis the season for carving pumpkins.  We’re a bit late on that… it’ll happen tonight.  We were in Sarnia for the weekend, visiting family, so our usual pre-Halloween prep didn’t happen as planned.

Tis the season for stupid rotten kids to smash pumpkins.  Why?!  Why do you do that?  On the plus side, when Gwynn and I stumbled across a smashed pumpkin this morning, I rescued a big chunk of it.  Gwynn LOVES pumpkin.  I bet your dog will too.  He likes it raw, or cooked or in cookies.  He loves pumpkin pie, though that, he only gets rarely, and not much at all.  He likes to lick up the little slivers of skin from someone carving a pumpkin, he likes to eat the lid, he likes to lick the outside of whole pumpkins and stare hopefully at me, as if to say, ‘use your devilish human opposable thumbs to crack this sucker for me!’  So, instead of his usual kong-of-kibble-in-his-krate as I leave for work… He got a chunk of raw pumpkin to gnaw on.  It took him a few minutes of staring in confusion at this mysterious large chunk of orange in his crate before he re-discovered his love of pumpkin, but it happened.

The little pumpkin i carved last year... Gwynn liked it much more after it no longer had a light in it. He got the lid as a treat at the end of the night, and the rest of the pumpkin over the next few days.

Pumpkin is great for dogs – it helps get ‘things’ flowing, if the pipes are clogged… and if the pipes are… too flowy… it helps get it more solid.  Mysterious, but so sayeth the google-device.  It’s chock full of good vitamins, helps improve the plumbing over-all, is high-fibre and low-calorie… and dogs LOVE it.  This year, a suggestion for at least part of your pumpkin before relegating it to the compost-heap – give a bit to your puppy and see how happy he is about it.

A quick recap of our visiting family over the weekend:

Doodle convinced our four-year old niece that she wants to be a minion.  She had her minion doing things for her all evening.  I’m hoping that she’ll pass that desire on to the rest of her kindergarten class, and really freak out the teacher.

Gwynn ran across the farm field to meet the neighbour’s farm-dogs.  I nearly had a heart-attack!  My aunt and uncles’ dogs accept him because he comes with family… the dogs on the other side of the field weren’t too impressed to have a fluffy orange interloper sniffing their derriers.

Our van didn’t start on Saturday morning.  For mysterious reasons.  What this meant, however, was that the pretty-cramped conditions of sharing the middle seat with Gwynn on the way TO Sarnia, was nothing in comparison to the crampedness of Doodle, Peanut, Gwynn and I all crammed into the back seat of a big pickup truck (A much appreciated loaner from my aunt and uncle who have way too many vehicles) on the way back.  Gwynn refused to sit on the massive amount of floor space in front of me, so I had a 50 lb dog on my lap for the entire ride home.  Awesome.

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  1. Hope you have a great Halloween. Pumpkin pie sounds yummy. We gave our old cat (she was 23), pumpkin to try to help her “flow”. It is a really good food for dogs and cats.

    • Happy Halloween to you too 🙂
      I love pumpkin pie… SO much. It goes straight to my happy place 😀

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