Lost in Ottawa

I walked a LOT while I was in Ottawa visiting Doodle.  I also failed at consistently finding my way back to the hotel or Doodle’s residence without phone-assistance.  How on earth did I ever survive without a phone with a map on it?  A map that will identify where I am, and how to get back to where I want to be?!

One morning, I did three quarters of a circle around my hotel before finally making my way back.  Another afternoon, I found myself wandering up a dark enclosed staircase (with Gwynn), unsure of whether I was about to find myself inside a building (most likely a ‘no dogs zone’).  Instead, I found myself in a lovely park overlooking the canal and the parliament buildings.

I don't think Gwynn really appreciated the view as much as I did

Author: GoneforaWalk

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11 thoughts on “Lost in Ottawa”

  1. Very nice! When I was in Ottawa in May for work, my one wish is that I could’ve had Moses with me. It’s such a beautiful city with lots of nice walk possibilities. And it was just weird walking all over the place by myself. Ahh well. Glad you enjoyed it!

    1. It’s definitely nice for dogs, though I feel bad that we didn’t make it out to any of the dog parks. Next time, though! One thing I found at the Byward market, though, is that there were so many people with and without dogs who wanted to say hello to Gwynn… I’m not sure if it’s a Toronto thing, but people here (kids included) are far less likely to come up and want to pet Gwynn… it was nice, and gwynn was eating up the attention 🙂

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