Staying the Same

We went to Ottawa to visit Doodle this weekend. It’s official that I might have changed a lot since my first year in university… but I haven’t changed much at all.

On the first day of my first year at University, moving into Essex Hall in London, Ontario:

Mom(looking out the window of the room I would call home for a school year):  Oh look, you’ve got a Subway right across the road!  That’s nice.

Me: What?  London has a Subway?  Seriously?!

London is a pretty small city.  I’m from Toronto.  When I heard subway, I was thinking this:

What my mom was seeing was this:

… Delicious Sandwiches, yes.  Trains connecting to other Subway shops… No.

Six years later, getting settled in the hotel room in Ottawa before heading over to see Doodle at her residence:

Mom (looking out the window of the roasting-hot room we would be in for the next two nights):  Oh, that’s the Metro Doodle’s been using.

Me: What?  Ottawa has a Metro?  Seriously?!

I’m from Toronto.  When I heard Metro, I was thinking this:

My mom was seeing this:

… Oh how things change… oh how they stay the same.

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8 thoughts on “Staying the Same”

    1. i bet they don’t look nearly so clean up-close. I lived in an apartment that I thought had brown floors. turned out, after many many rounds with the mop and strong cleaning supplies, that it had very retro orange-ish floors, not remotely dark-chocolate-brown. 😛

  1. This seriously made me laugh… and I keep telling you guys, I’ve been using the Loblaws 😀 The time we went to Metro while you guys were here was the first time I’d gone into this Metro
    Miss you guys lots!

    1. regardless, you’re using neither of them for transportation 😛 and i’m just going on what mom is saying, i don’t have any knowledge of what your shoppnig is like. Though, you should really go down to the market for some of your shopping… also, did we leave you any bagels when we left? i have a feeling we got them all …

    1. It isn’t even like she’s trying to be confusing 😛 Apparently, my subconscious is just determined to find subway systems everywhere!

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