How my Dog makes me (Appear) Crazy

People think you’re crazy when…

You talk to yourself.  In my case, it’s ‘talk to my dog’ while walking down the street.  Completely unaware that anyone else is nearby until I realized that there was a woman standing in her garden, wearing gardening gloves, and holding a pair of clippers.  Not gardening, though… just… staring at me… as I finish explaining to the dog that we’re NOT going to try to chase any cats today, no we aren’t!  And then we’re going to go home and have breakfast, because I’m hungry!

You stop abruptly or make sudden changes in direction for no apparent reason.  Like, say, if I were trying to stop Gwynn from pulling on the leash, and my solution is to stop moving any time the leash goes tight.  And then nearly got run over by the person who had been walking behind me and not paying enough attention.  Or, if I were trying to get Gwynn to focus more on me, and started jogging erratically around a field, randomly going left or right or backwards.  And there’s a group of kids who were playing basketball nearby, but who aren’t anymore, because they’ve found something more interesting to watch.

... alright, so I can't blame this particular facial expression on my dog. That's more of a 'how a duck made me look crazy' thing.

Your clothing is covered in little fuzzy bits (without you being aware), and you don’t take the ‘out’ a coworker offers when they suggest that you had been wearing a wool sweater.  Well, what he actually said (because he’s Scottish and just visiting our office) was “Oh, I see someone’s been wearing a (*i heard ‘someone’s a bit of a’*)  jumper”, (my response:  Um… sorry, why am I a jumper?) and, once I figured out that he was suggesting I was covered in sweater-fuzzies, I promptly explained that my dog was fuzzy and liked lying down in laundry.  I think he thought I left my clothing out for the dog on purpose.  I might officially be a crazy-dog-lady in his mind.

You interrupt your own speech and that of the people talking to you with random “EEEEH!” and “NAH!” type noises.  Which are what I use to warn Gwynn away from doing something ‘unwise’, like eat goose poop, or to stop him from playing so rough with another dog.

You spend 20 minutes running back and forth along the beach waving your arms, shouting and acting very excited when you find a stick.  Like I did this weekend, while trying to fulfill part of the K9 Kamp challenge of this week.  Instead of chasing the stick (and the dog) into the lake (fully clothed), I chose the alternate appear-crazy option, and ran like a fiend along the shoreline whenever I wasn’t throwing a stick.  Gwynn thought this was great fun, trying to catch up to me to drop the stick, and then chasing me (and the stick) back to our ‘throwing point’ for me to throw the stick.  By the time he had grabbed the stick, I was halfway down the beach, yelling for him to catch up to me and hunting for a new stick.  Suffice to say, in a very busy park on a beautiful sunny and warm day, we had the beach to ourselves for the duration.

Have any of you gotten that look from strangers recently?  You know the one… slightly judgemental with a smidgen of alarm.  Like they’re debating whether any kind of interaction with you might let the crazy rub off on them. Yeah… that one…  Any takers?

"...And you really wanna show it..."

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  1. Love this post!! I do 3/5 of those things!! Dogs can make us go crazy if we are crazy for the dog! 😉

  2. TheIdiotSpeaketh

     /  September 19, 2011

    I’m afraid you are alone on this one Lexy…. I NEVER get looks from people that would lead me to think that they think I am crazy….. I get….”oh look…the poor fellow can walk all by himself without his mommy” type looks…. but not crazy looks….. Your pic here does indeed make you look insanely crazy and goofy….. and I would bet that this is probably what most ALL of the photos in your family album really look like….don’t they? I knew it! Ha! 🙂

    • lol. I can’t resist making that face in any family picture, it’s true! the key is to make sure that it only happens during the flash/actual photo being taken, so that people don’t realise until later that all the family photos are ‘smiling people… and lexy’ 🙂 muahahaha!

  3. LOL all those crazy behaviors…I’ve done them. Yes and proud of it!

  4. Yes my dear, I’ve done them too! Only a dog person would understand.

  5. Thanks to the the blue tooth, when I see a person talking to themselves, I assume they have a blue tooth hidden behind their hair.

    • haha – i should get a fake / disabled one and wear it ! then people can assume i’m not crazy, just really phone-mad 😛

  6. Ha ha.. I don’t have a dog but I used to have to walk my bosses dog all the time when he was alive….. I was always getting odd looks back then and to make matters worse Roly was as deaf as a post! So I’d be talking to him and using sign language!
    I do miss those days – but hey ho he’s getting a puppy soon so I’ll have fun again.

    • lol… so you were not only talking to yourself, but gesticulating (possibly even gesticulating wildly! 🙂 ) – hilarious! Very cool that the dog knew sign language, though – they’re so smart!

  7. Hilarious! I love your sense of humour…I don’t know if you’re a crazy dog lady or not, but I’m right there with you, so you’re not alone…Not only do I talk to my dog, but I swear he talks back to me, too 😉

    • I get that impression sometimes as well 🙂 Like that glare midway through eating his breakfast… to inform me that, no, he doesn’t like that there’s a potted plant next to his bowl now, when it wasn’t there before 😛

  8. If you keep making that face, your dog is going to be afraid to talk to the crazy lady. 🙂

    • haha… i wouldn’t be surprised if he already thinks i’m a crazy person 😛 “Why are you talking to me, silly human? I don’t speak your language, and you don’t speak mine! otherwise, i would get a ham sandwich when i barked for one!”

  9. That’s funny…I use the “EEEEH” and “NAH” sounnds to….although I am not sure I unterrupt conversations to do it. I probably do though and haven’t noticed. I will have to pay more attention 🙂

    • It is only when gwynn and I are at someone elses’ house, or if i’m out for a walk with him and friends. I become hyper-aware of what he’s doing because being a shit disturber at my house is one thing (i signed up for this, lol), but doing it at someoen elses’ house is quite another. and outside, there are so many interesting things for him to do, that i lack trust enough to ignore him 😛
      My sister and I realised that we sound kind of like we’re doign an odd rendition of Queen’s song. “Nah nah… nah! HEY!” … goood bye… 😛

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