I think I’m actually caught up, now, officially… well… by the end of this post anyways!  The Two Brown Dawgs were kind enough to pass on the Noteworthy Archive Blog award to me.

Thanks!  But, to those who choose to check out my archives, be warned:  I am longwinded, and bad at including pictures.  I won’t be offended if you only skim through!  Then again, I won’t know that you only skimmed through.

Like but unlike the My 7 Links (award, challenge, assignment, what?), the idea is that you pass it on to someone whose archives it is worthwhile browsing through.  The unlike part is that it doesn’t require any action on the part of yours truly, apart from putting a badge on my sidebar.  The perusing of archives, should you choose to do so, is all on you!

In case you’re low on ideas for new awards to pass out to people, here is one, off the top of my head (slash pithypants, suggested that I was an earner of this theoretical award, and it entertained me immensely): Honorary Honey-Badger. Awesome, right? Right!

And like but unlike the Genuine Blogger Award, it was created by Just Ramblin’ … who I suspect is really enjoying being the mastermind of awards creation!  And who has a talent for making badges.  Just Ramblin – you’re my kind of blog!

Also, of course, I feel as though I ought to pass it on.  Because having a sign saying “interesting  archives, worth a  look-see” is a good thing in my books, and one that should be passed along!

If you find yourself with extra time and the urge to read blog  posts, you should take a stroll down to the past posts of these blogs – they are swell and dandy, all at once!

Some Species Eat Their Young

Jodi Stone – Life with Sampson and Delilah

Twist 365


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13 thoughts on “Noteworthy!”

  1. Congratulations on your award, I have never been disappointed going through your archives.

    Thanks for the shout out (and award) I’m tickled you consider my archives “noteworthy”.

    1. You are most welcome – I always enjoy reading your posts, and anyone just starting off reading your blog will hopefully head back through the older posts as well as the new 🙂

  2. Wow…thank you for such kind words! After this crazy busy long day, find this in my comments was a wonderful surprise. I actually do enjoy giving and love being able to give to others without obligation of something in return. Creating awards is a fun way to be able to try and do so. Two Brown Dogs has an amazing blog and I am glad she awarded you with the “Noteworthy” award. I look forward to reading through your archives this weekend. Again, thank you for the kind words! : )

  3. Congratulations. I actually like awards where you don’t have to do anything. I have a hard enough time trying to find time to write my normal posts sometimes. I DO like the honey badger award. How would one qualify for it though?

    1. I’m not even sure, really. Just do something completely outside of your own normal boundaries, maybe? or kill a really big honkin’ snake like half the honey badgers in ‘google images’ are doing 🙂

  4. Thanks for all the kind words and pingback. Your blog is awesome! : ) I do indeed enjoy creating ways to celebrate others work and effort. Mastermind…nah….just like to help others see that there is something to celebrate.

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