Gone for a Walk

In honor of Koly and Kelly’s K9 Kamp, the name of my blog, and the fact that this is something I do A LOT of, today’s post is about going for a walk.  It seems strange that I haven’t written more about this, but really, when you go on at least two walks a day, it becomes something mundane and not blogworthy.

However, the first week’s challenge in K9 Kamp is to walk a minimum of 60 minutes.  Gwynn and I were totally game.  I’ve been warned that this is the easy/warmup/practically-not-a-challenge challenge, but the fact remains – walking, I can do.

Gwynn hasn’t even missed out on swimming and dog-park time, since the nearest dog park is about a 20 minute walk away, and the nearest water I’m willing to let him go into is about the same.

I’ll admit, not all these pictures are from the same walk, or the same season… but they give a general idea of what a walk, for Gwynn and I, is all about.  I’m just not good at bringing out my camera or phone on walks.

For the challenge week, we made it out every day for at least 60 minutes.  I tried to increase my walking speed, but, to be honest, I have no idea if it actually increased all that much.  I tend to enjoy watching the scenery, and tend to slow down when I’m not thinking ‘walk faster than usual, walk faster than usual’.  We walked with Sadie for a lot of the walks, which certainly helped ensure that Gwynn got an extra bit of running.

So, without further ado:  A walkthrough of a typical walk!

Proper footwear is key.

given the choice, I’d be barefoot… this is the next-best-thing, though soon I’ll have to put them away for the colder weather.
given the choice, he’d be barefoot… and he is, most of the time. But the snow packs in between his pads and hurts him. He’s willing to tolerate the doggy boots, though I regularly have to go searching in the snow for that lost boot after a romp. I'd have shown a pic of him outside, using them, but the only time you can really see the boots in the deep snow is when I'm holding one in my hand after it's fallen off. Anyone else who's used dog boots, please recommend a better brand to me! I am very disappointed in the muttlucks. I shouldn't have had to add snaps and repair frayed edges in the first month of ownership.

We usually start off in the neighbourhood.

before I started walking Gwynn, I had no idea just how many people in my area own dogs. And walking with a dog is like an invitation to talk. Talk to people working in the front yard, talking to people who are walking the opposite direction, people who are walking in the same direction, people across the street, people in cars at stop signs. Everyone. And that’s not even counting all the people who are with their own dogs.

We like to go into the creek valley…

... though we have to be careful of coyotes, especially recently. This pic is from just after we got Gwynn's hair cut! he's so tiny!

To the dog park…

well... this shot isn't exactly the dog park... but certainly a field that they love to run around in!

To the beach…

especially now that Gwynn has learned to swim and loves to swim. He's such a scrawny fellow under all that fluff! This is a pic from just before his haircut, so fluffy!

Gwynn’s favourite walks are the ones that Sadie comes on.

They’re Sadie’s favourite, too, I think!

Check out Kol’s Notes and Peggy’s Pet Place for a recap of how other people did on the first week of the Kamp challenge!

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16 thoughts on “Gone for a Walk”

  1. Good lord what do you have on your feet????? And what is that strange color on your grass? Is that green? Actual green grass? You wanna trade? I’ll send you some lovely brown crunchy grass for some of that green stuff. Come on…. you could tell your friends you are now “dealing grass” for money….. 🙂

    1. haha, they’re called ‘vibram 5 fingers’, and they are toe shoes 🙂 aka my alien-frog shoes! Also, I think for now that i’ll pass on brown-crunchy grass. it sounds like the latest fad in ‘healthy organic cereal’, though, so you might have a market. “All natural brown texas crunchy grass – try it today!”

  2. Love the shoes. Where did you get them and what do they call them? Are they comfortable?

    We partcipated too, but I’m not sure what the next week will bring.

    I am glad to see you back blogging more frequently. I really was worrying about you.

    1. The shoes are called Vibram 5 fingers, and your best bet for them is online, though they do sell them in stores. I recommend trying them on somewhere first, because they’re supposed to fit tight. The toe thing takes a bit of getting used to, but I LOVE them. It is like being barefoot, but with a protective layer keeping you from getting glass stuck in your foot, or any of the other unpleasant things that could happen while wandering around barefoot. I mostly use them for walking, though I also wear them as water-shoes.
      I’m guessing they’ll up the ante each week… this might just kill me, lol – i haven’t done much exercise for the past few months, apart from walking.
      thanks for the concern – it was entirely and 100% the terrible adjustment to my work day (from the time i leave home to the time i return home) going from 9 hours to 12+ hours. I can’t function with that amount of time spent doing calculations – my mind was mush!

    1. i’m definitely lucky in having wooded parks within walking distance. If you’re looking for something more hike-ish in your area, try searching for conservation areas nearby – I don’t get out to them nearly often enough, but there’s one less than an hour drive for me that’s flat-ish with plenty of paths and creeks and ponds that I go to sometimes on the weekend. Then again, your guys get so much more exercise than Gwynn with all their awesome water training! I got a hunt-training bumper for him for fetch in the water, by the way – I’d been meaning to ever since I started reading you guys’ blog.

  3. Love how your dogs are basically your life. I’m a huge dog-lover myself being a proud owner of a yellow lab. I wish my dog could go off-leash too!!

    1. It definitely took some work – and there are still moments when i call them to come back aaaaaannnnd… nothing. They look at me from a distance, and grin, and run in the opposite direction 😛
      You’re in toronto/GTA, too, though (i think) – there are quite a few dog parks – so nice to have a fenced in area other than my back-yard to go to!

      1. yep, around the area! I know there’s a dog park in Cherry Beach where they allow dogs to swim? I really want to take her for a swim, labs are water-loving dogs! My goal next yr is to take her to Tobermory – they have a beach called Singing Sands (on Lake Erie). It’s perfect for dogs – shallow & warm water! 😀

        1. Yeah, the Cherry Beach dog park has a big long stretch of water access – lots of fun 🙂 this beach at tobermory sounds amazing though! I’ll admit, i far preferred Gwynn swimming when we were camping up north than I do when we’re at the water in toronto. The lakes up there were so much cleaner than the beaches near here 😛

    1. I recommend borrowing them for an afternoon, especially if you’ve got the same foot-size 🙂 Just be warned – they take some getting used to, so the first time walking in them shouldn’t be a 5 km treck.

  4. Somehow I missed this post last week, but seriously? Those are THE COOLEST SHOES I HAVE EVER SEEN. Seriously. Awesome. Thanks for kamping with us! Did you do the week two FETCH challenge too?

    1. thanks! They’re vibram five fingers, and yup, they’re awesome 🙂
      I did do the second challenge, but i think i missed the deadline for submitting that i did it, oh well. I thought it was ‘by wednesday’, but i guess it’s ‘by tuesday’. Next week’s challenge, though, i’ll be checking off that I did it… hopefully… depending on what the challenge is 😀

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