Happily Ever After… and All that Jazz

“She looks just like a Barbie!  Or a princess! Or a Barbie Princess!”

We all agreed, keeping an eye out to ensure that the ‘barbie princess’ hadn’t just heard that description.

Even on her day, her happiest, bestest, ‘all about me’ day… I wouldn’t ever say something like that to her face.  She would totally kick my ass.  Dress and all.  Princess and Barbie are not descriptors that remotely capture what she is.  She isn’t even the blushing bride – she is the bride who runs down the aisle, sweeping her intended along in her wake.

But, in a simple and elegant white dress, a flowing veil and sweeping train, it was true.  That’s why it was spoken on her wedding day, but, because she is herself, even on her wedding day, it was spoken where she couldn’t hear it.

The picture of her on her wedding day will capture a poised, beaming young woman standing next to the man she loves.  He is looking solemn but oh so very happy, standing next to the woman he loves.

What it won’t capture is the girl who gets up in the middle of the night to clean the bathroom when she can’t sleep.

The girl who flopped down on my bed announcing, “I’m bored,” and in doing so, cured me of my boredom for the rest of the afternoon.

When our neighbourhood had a creepy watches-girls-while-they-sleep marauder, she plotted his doom in her most
ominous voice while our other roommate and I cackled in the background.  If anyone ever finds the recording we made of ‘the plan’, or ex-landlord is going to find a police backhoe in his yard and us girls will have all our baseball bats confiscated.  The investigation will be hindered drastically by the lack of baseball bats in any of our ownership.

She is outgoing – an extrovert to the nth degree.  She is the life of the party, all laughter and silliness and ridiculous.  Whatever she does, she does with gusto, and you can’t help but to cheer her on while she does it.

The wedding pictures won’t capture the guy who, while staying at our house in university, had to be told what attire was required upon leaving the washroom.  Suffice to say, the groom has a cute tushie, and I should NOT know that
first-hand.  The towel goes around, not just in front.

He is laid back, easy going, all smiles and jokes and ‘chill’.

It was a formal Catholic wedding, with a mass and readings from the bible.  The bride and groom nudged each other and giggled like school-children throughout the ceremony.

The happy couple released doves on the steps of the cathedral.  They also passed out metallic cowboy hats, tiaras, light-up sunglasses and inflatable guitars at their reception.

The happy couple danced their first dance as man and wife, a slow love song.  Later, they jumped, twisted and shouted in a crowd of friends and family, both wearing little silver tiaras.

The reception had a five course meal, all elegant and delicious.  They left an “OH Henry” bar and a pack of shortbread for each guest – the brands of each item containing the last names of the bride and groom.

Which aspect of their wedding describes them best?  Both, I’d say.

To quote Dave Edmunds – “I knew the bride when she used to rock and roll”… but I doubt this bride will ever stop.

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  1. That was a lovely post Lexy, I love how you described each of them. I bet you had a blast at that wedding!

    • Thanks 🙂
      I did have a great time, in spite of knowing very few people there. it was my first non-family wedding, as well as the first wedding that BIG i’ve been to!

  2. Sounds like a beautiful occasion. Hope your friend appreciated the thoughtful shout out. 🙂

    • I hope they’re in the middle of an awesome honeymoon in NYC at this very moment, footloose and computer-free (the best sign of a vacation being good, in my opinion, being that you have zero time/interest in updating your facebook or checking your email 🙂 ), but it was definitely a beautiful wedding

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