Well… if there’s one thing that can always cheer me out of my post-Friday-night-from-hell mope, it’s kittens in evening-wear.  Seriously.  And one of them has a perfect white heart pattern on his belly.  Even if he does have the best bond-villain face ever.

Double-oh-kitteh... you're just in time to see my diabolical plan come to fruition

The rest of the Sarnia weekend was loads of fun, with loads of excellent country music, and plenty of good times.  Brace yourself – I’m just giving you snippets of things that happened.  It will be random.

Best conversation ever (in the crowd at Bayfest):

Random drunk guy – “So, what did you go to school for?”

Me – “Civil Engineering”

RDG – “Wow, you’re a wizard!”

Me – *of its own accord, maniacal grin crosses my face, as my arm swings up so that it appears as though I’m gripping an imaginary wand.*

Me – Mind blanks.  “Shazam!” I say, to a completely blank look from RDG and a cackle of hysteric laughter from M… yeah… no ‘expeliarmus’, or ‘alohomora’ or even “alakazam!”.  Nope…all that came to mind was Shazam!

Best chips under the bridge: Arnold’s.  They are no longer an actual chip truck, they’re located just outside of that area, in a restaurant, but you have to take those chips (French fries, for translation) and go down to the water to sit under the Bluewater Bridge and watch the boats go by.  It’s the law.

We set up a tent that K’s family had in their basement, that I was considering borrowing for my camping trip plans that were fast approaching.  All of the poles were made of metal, with chains holding them together.  The tent had two rooms, and was tall enough to walk into without ducking, even for my 6’3” uncle.  It took up their entire backyard.  I was looking for a tent for just me and Gwynn.  If we’d had that tent for camping at Bayfest, it would have been the Wildebeest who was most injured.  M and I would have slumbered unmolested, while Wildebeest moaned his piteous Wildebeest moans outside our tent.  It was a behemoth of a tent.  After less than half an hour in the sun, the metal poles burned with a fiery fury and scalded our hands as we took it down.

K’s family has a mug problem.  The neatest little artsy shop in Sarnia has the most amazingly cool patterned and varied mugs.  This is how a family of five (one of whom doesn’t live there for most of the year) has over 20 beautiful mugs. While at their house, I have to clamp down on the urge to take a new mug for every beverage.  Refill cup of tea?  Nah, I’ll just grab a new mug!

We went to the artsy shop.  Of course, I forgot my camera, but it was called Ah!some Art, which immediately brought to mind Sandi and her Ahhsome blog.  If I weren’t still living with my parents (and also had unlimited money), I would have left there with at the very least: a butter dish, two mugs, a teapot a set of glasses made out of old beer bottles, a pitcher made out of an old vodka bottle, and at least one of the very cool wall hangings of crows, and one of the tree wall-hangings.  The metal wall-hangings were of shadow-crows, and set up in such a way that the flat shadow crows hung about three inches away from the wall, causing the artwork to cast its own shadow-crow-shadow on the wall behind.

I got a bit of a stress-inducing text from my old roommate on Sunday morning.  This might be karma for my disturbing text-to-stranger from earlier in the weekend.  Given that she lives in Calgary, a text from roomie that says, “Hey.  Call Me!” followed by one that says “Can’t talk now. Looks like I won’t be coming to Ontario this weekend, though”… I was prepared for the worst.  I had visions of cancer, death in the family, and general maiming.  When I finally got a hold of her, I found out that it was a terrible, yet not-so-final thing that had actually happened.  The wedding she was coming down to Ontario for, of another friend, had been cancelled.  With about two weeks to go before the wedding was supposed to happen.

I still have no idea what happened.  And I’m not willing to ask, either.  Sounds too much like vultures picking the carcass of her wedding, trying to find all the juicy tidbits, and I’m sure she’s got enough people doing that.  It’s not every day, after all, that a little bit of the soap-opera escapes into the real world.

Next… and possibly last, to summarize my past few weeks of vacation/stress… How I drove for 6 hours to go camping, things that go thump in the night, and rocking the boat.  It takes me far too long to update about a barely 8 day long period of time that happened more than a week ago.  Luckily, apart from death-heat, not much has happened since then to inspire change-of-topic posts.

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  1. Too bad you didn’t have the tent Harry Potter had for the Goblet of Fire and the Deathly Hallows. It would have been very small to look at but very roomy inside.

    It is excellent that you did not have any Wildebeests beset upon your tent.

    And if you had only used your “wand” and said Avada Kedavra, you might have had a totally different story! LOL

    1. lol, that tent would be amazing! And yeah, you’re right… the wildebeest wouldn’t have been able to come anywhere near anyone’s bed while we slept!

    1. I’m not sure. But one of his most recent subplots involved taking over a sleeping bag. I’m not sure what he’d have accomplished, if I hadn’t noticed that he’d crawled into the bottom of my sleeping bag, though I’m sure I’d have regretted putting my feet in there with him!

    1. haha, I like the tiny packets of jam! It means I don’t always have to have the jam I already have open and am bored with 😛

  2. “It’s not every day, after all, that a little bit of the soap-opera escapes into the real world.”

    Maybe everyone saw the bride in the wedding gown before the wedding. In soaps it always seemed that if they showed the bride-to-be in the gown before the wedding officially started, that wedding was never going to happen. 😉

    Of course I am sure it was a difficult (and no doubt expensive), decision to cancel a wedding so close to the date. Too bad for them and too bad you are not going to be able to visit with your friend.

    1. well, so far as I know, the ‘it turns out they were actually brother and sister, separated at birth’ ending is unlikely. Then again, maybe she caught him with his evil twin half-sister 😉

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