Who knew it would be so violent?!

A quick hello and goodbye-for-now, since my blogginess has slowed to a snails pace in the past while.  Still alive, although it sometimes feels like it is only barely.  Maybe scheduling two separate vacation plans within hours of each other, a 6 hour drive apart wasn’t… the wisest choice.  BUT it was damn fun while I was in the midst of it.  I’ll share some stories once I am back from a weekend of dock-sitting at my cousins’ cottage.

I’ll leave it at this:  Events transpired.

And, I’ll leave you with this:

… Did all of you ‘get’ it at first glance?  I’ll be honest… I didn’t.  And I was faced with the newspaper itself this past weekend!

Happy weekend, all – Hope it’s entertaining and relaxing!

ps.  A quick thanks to Jodi at jodistone for giving me the Genuine Blogger Award – I plan to write about it (and put up a little award button dealie) when the moment is right (ie.  I have time to breathe and the giant pile of smokey smelling dirty laundry has subsided).  BUT, I had to mention it now 🙂

pps. I won a contest run by Tena at Success Just Clicks, and my winning tug arrived in the mail while I was gone.  You have no idea how exciting that is – firstly, I love signing up for contests… it is VERY rare that anything more than email-spam comes from this (… ever…)… and secondly, I love recieving non-banking-mail, especially packages.  LOVE IT.  So getting a package in the mail was as fantabulous as christmas in Who-Ville.  It’s like I got a slice of rare Who-roast-beast and the last can of Who-hash.

She has plans to run more contests for dog swag from her etsy shop, so keep an eye out on her blog.  I’ll post pictures of Gwynn’s attempts to take the tug (gloriously orange and yellow and red) from me around the same time as I post about my epic adventures in too-much-driving-land.  He loves it.  Has loved it since I took it out of the package.

ppps.  Texas (or anywhere else with ridiculously high temperatures, since I’m guessing Texas is a dry heat, and this was not)- take your weather back!  Yesterday’s high of 38 (feels like 48 with the humidity) was NOT appreciated.  This is Canada, we like to be able to leave the sauna once we’re warmed up.

pppps.  so much for ‘quick hello and goodbye-for-now’.  I have a feeling that short stories aren’t my forte.

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  1. Well I’m glad to ‘see’ you back, I was beginning to worry and was contemplating sending you an e-mail.

    I’m assuming the headline should read ‘attracts’ but I will withhold a comment until you explain it.

    It is unbearably hot even in CT. The air is so thick we should really only swim in it and you must do at least 60 mph in the car in order to cut through it. 48 degrees is sounding good right about now.

    Can’t wait to hear all about your adventures. Congratulations on winning the contest!

    • Yup, “Attracts” is definitely the correct term. Powwows, so far as I know, aren’t quite as war-like as the article title leads you to believe 😛
      My vacation kind of snuck up on me, and was longer than I’d intended/realized it would be – otherwise I’d have mentioned it coming up in a post, even a ‘brief’ one like this one.

  2. Yup I’m agreeing with Jodie above me.. that’s one good freudian slip if ever I saw one!

    Good to hear from you – and waiting impatiently to find out what ‘events’ transpired.. come on spill 🙂

  3. Congratulations on your contest win and your blogger award! It’s 106 degrees Farenheit here today with a heat index of 120 – really ugly. No summertime fun outside in these temps – even the kids aren’t playing outside in the neighborhood!

    • I had to google the difference between F and C, to figure out just how hot it is there… and you guys are getting a bit hotter temperatures than I am. And at those temperatures, every slight increase is terrible! hope your temperature goes down to a reasonable-for-existing-in range!

  4. Haha I just love that your short post became a stream of consciousness post!

    I had to read that headline three times because I thought I was unable to read properly..attack…wha?

    I think our heat might even be a bit much for Texas!

    Have a nice weekend!

    • glad to hear I’m not the only one who didn’t catch on immediately – I just assumed that a headline would be the thing they absolutely check before publishing 😛
      Sometimes I have a plan for a post, and then … it just goes on from there…

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