I am a Frog… Do I Inspire You?

An update was asked for in the comments from this post here, and will, of course, be provided…

This morning I woke up feeling… tired.  SO tired.  SO tired that I stumbled across my room, turned off my alarm, and reset it for 6 minutes later, and ACUTALLY fell asleep in that time.  Like, dead-asleep.  Asleep enough that I was shocked out of my slumber by the noise of the alarm, and kind of confused about where I was, and why I had set my alarm for 5:03 am.  Satan’s hour.

Sore?  Actually, not really.  My legs and hiney felt only the slightest bit like I’d been doing exercise in the recent past – a feeling that could equally as easily been described as “I was hiking for an hour or two yesterday”, instead of “I tortured my body two days ago in the morning, and then went on a bike ride in the evening, I am a moron”

… just now, I caught myself staring deep into the screen of my computer, entirely absorbed by the desktop image (I have two screens…this document is open on the other screen) of my dog in his muddy, long haired glory.  I’m not sure how much time had passed since I last typed, but I think it might have been in the five-minute range.  The tiredness hasn’t gone away yet. I think I’ll be tucked away in bed tonight by 9 at the latest.

Since yesterday’s post/update: I didn’t do anything specifically for physical activity yesterday.  I went for a two-ish hour walk with Gwynn and Sadie.  Kind of a big deal, since it’s officially the first walk I’ve done solo in a really long time.  Doodle is up at her new job, working at a Provincial Park on their maintenance crew – my walk buddy has vacated the city for the summer.  And she’ll be back for less than a week at the end of the summer before heading off to Ottawa for University.  Proud/jealous/happy for
her/sad for me/overall sappy and sentimental… my emotional turmoil about this whole Doodle-growing-up is more like a pogo-stick I can’t get off than like a roller-coaster.

Sadie and Gwynn were shockingly well-behaved, walked them both like a champ.  We found a good place on the lakeshore to wade, and I joined them, in an attempt to lure them out to actual-swimming.  As a reward for this, I got punched in the bum by Gwynn’s giant soggy paws, narrowly avoiding being pushed face-first into the water I only wanted to go into up to my knees.  To comfort me, Sadie jumped up to get a hug, smacking her soggy paws against my chest.  Classy Gal that I am, it didn’t prevent me from going to the dog-park after we finished wading in the gorgeously clear water, wet bum and boob-paw-prints and all.

Off to obedience class, where Gwynn was relatively well behaved, and I didn’t get home for dinner and prepping for Wednesday until about 9:30 pm.  Make lunch, trim dog’s
nails, clean dog’s ears (yes, stupid to do both in one sitting… but I was already a bit brain-dead from tiredness), pack gym stuff, and barely make it to bed (or so it felt) before my alarm was going off.

We got to Cross-fit in good time, only to discover that the doors were locked.  Apparently, without updating it anywhere, they had changed the opening time from 5:30 to 5:45, just for the summer.  This didn’t improve my already zombie-like mood, standing outside in the chilly air at 5:40 in the morning, while the instructors arrive EXACTLY on (new, unknown) time.

Crossfit Summary:

Front squat/deadlift combination thing (there are no adequate words in my repertoire… this ‘title’ is derived from what a weight-lifting friend replied when I gave her a detailed explanation of what I had done)+ elbow-to-knee + squats –>21, then 18, then 15, then 12, then 9, then 6, then 3… of each.  I die.

My elbow to knee is more like hanging from a pull-up bar and trying to curl into fetal position.  My knees and elbows don’t even do a hover-near-each-other type kiss, not even a nod-in-passing.  I probably looked like a frog hanging from a tree branch in a motivational poster – “Hang in there!”

21 minutes later (well, according to the generous instructor, 20:59) I finished the exercises, palms bright red and bruised from the hanging-fetal-crunch, legs wobbly from the massive number of squats I’d had to do.

How do I feel now:
TIRED.  Like a zombie.  But not with the urge to eat people.  Maybe chocolate-people (does Nestle make those?  I feel like it’d be a good way to vent frustrations, being able to actually ‘bite someone’s head off’… like a delicious voodoo-doll of frustration venting)… or people standing between me and a soft bed in a quiet room (and the purpose of that would more be to maim them and get them out of my way… not the actual eating of them…)

While I predict a return of the oh-so-sexy cowboy-walk, my foggy brain doesn’t give two hoots about a future past sleeping.

Will I ride my bike tonight in hopes of helping fight off the cowboy walk?  Hells NO.  I am le tired.

Next crossfit – Monday… at which point I will show up a minute or two past 5:45, so that I can just go into the building, no delays.  Hopefully that will prevent me from being as grumpy as this morning’s 15 minute delay made me.

A Reminder – Mark from The Idiot Speaketh and Pedaleth is doing a fundraising bike-ride to help the people of Minot tomorrow!  He is asking for people to donate to the
Red Cross chapter that covers this severely flooded region.  Go check out his blog and make sure to stop by to cheer him on tomorrow!

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  1. I think someone makes chocolate soldiers at Christmas time, those would be a start to biting a head off!

    You are doing fabulous!!

    • great… now I have a goal… buy chocolate soldiers… bite their heads off when I’m angry 😀 muah ha ha ha ha! I’ll be like King Kong… if he’d bitten his favourite gal’s head off in a fit of rage 😛

  2. You should see me ride the bike! I look like an epileptic frog! 🙂

    • haha… I’m sure we could come up with an inspirational saying to go along with a frog-on-a-bike 🙂

  3. Your new exercise program is gonna kill you! (just kidding) You are doing great! I am sure chocolate anything would make it better. 🙂

    • I had a swim coach once who told us that chocolate helps ease muscle pain from exercise. We were all inclined to believe her, if only because she continued to provide us with chocolate at the end of random swim-practices, usually once a month. It was a very effective way of getting everyone to swim a very quick sprint-lap across the pool to where the chocolate was 😀

  4. It’s hard work to try to live longer and healthier, right?
    Good for you, though. Keep it up!

    • hard work, but also fun, sometimes. I don’t keep doing exercises that I don’t enjoy… part laziness, and part (i think) a good appreciation for happiness in life 🙂

  5. Wow. I am more and more tired reading about this!! I think I’ll just stick to the hiking for me!

    • hiking is excellent, but unfortunately, I’m in a pretty urban area, so most of my dog walks are flat and partly paved… we only go on proper hikes two or three times a month, and regular walking isn’t quite enough exercise for me.

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